Monday, July 16

The Lover Unhappy Biddeth Happy by Thomas Wyatt

More poetry? Yes, yes. ^.^ 

YET that in love find luck and sweet abun-
   And live in lust of joyful jollity,
Arise for shame, do way your sluggardy :
Arise, I say, do May some observance.
Let me in bed lie dreaming in mischance ;
Let me remember my mishaps unhappy,
That me betide in May most commonly ;
As one whom love list little to advance.
Stephan1 said true, that my nativity
Mischanced was with the ruler of May.
He guessed (I prove) of that the verity.
In May my wealth, and eke my wits,2 I say,
    Have stond so oft in such perplexity :
    Joy ; let me dream of your felicity.