Monday, September 26

Music Monday

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was...uneventful and nerve-racking. I always get extremely anxious and nervous before school starts and tomorrow my classes begin. *shudders* Well, maybe the music will soothe my nerves:

This is a little music video about my favorite show of ALL time 'LOST'. The song is Airplanes by BOB and the music video created by dimitrisfl. (If you never seen the show you should check it out! It will boggle your mind! Don't worry there are only slight spoilers in this 55 second video, but you won't even notice them as spoiler if you haven't seen the show ^.^)

This song has been running in my head a lot. Plus I can see Toru playing this while he lays on the couch reading and I feel like it would be on the soundtrack if it were to become a movie. It's Just a Dream by Nelly.

At 8pm, I'm going to watch the primere of 'Terra Nova' it starts at 8 pm , my time. Since 'LOST' ended a while back I've been a little lost without my show. I need a new show to get addicted to. Could this be my new addiction? We shall see! Here's a trailer!

QUESTION TIME (feel free to participate!)

Q: What song do you secretly like and listen to when no one is around?
A: That award would have to go to Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson


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Blodeuedd said...

I am gonna try to catch terra nova tomorrow