Tuesday, September 6

A Late Music Monday

Yet again I prove how forgetful I am. I forgot that yesterday was 'Music Monday' so I sat around doing laundry and watching the 'How I Meet Your Mother' marathon until work. I'm sorry! I'm a little forgetful sometimes -.- Anyways....happy late Monday everyone! I hope your weekends were fun and enjoyable. Summer is drawing to a close and my favorite season, Fall, is around the corner. I can't wait! Monday morning was the first chilly morning of the season, so I actually had to put on a hoodie. Shall we begin with the music?

~As promised, I'm introducing my favorite song of the moment. It's not new, I have loved this song and will always love this song. Even though I don't understand half of the lyrics because they are in Chinese, I still adore it! Nicky Lee is one of my favorite singers from abroad (even though he's an American). He's such a great singer and he's a great actor too! He played in 'Mulan'. Not the cartoon version, but a movie actually about the real Mulan. Well, the song (of course) is called 'No More Crying':

~In honor of my recent movie review, I've decided to pick my favorite music video ABOUT the movie that I can't get enough of. The song is "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace, which oddly fits the movie. The video was created by Meanpooh.

This song runs in my while I read 'My Irresistible Earl' by Gaelen Foley. Not the original, but this remake by Boyce Avenue because it's a duet featuring Tiffany Alvord. It's 'She Will Be Loved' the original by my beloved Maroon 5. 

Now it's time for some humor! ^.^ Well, it's a mix of funny and news. I love his "news" show, he's a funny dude. His name is Phil DeFranco and click here to go to his YouTube page. This week's video is labeled 'U Mad Bro?!'



Now it's time for Question time! What's Question Time? Well, it's a new feature I'm adding to 'Music Mondays' that will allow me to answer a couple questions relating to music each week.. This allows me to be more random and ramble on and on! Haha! Feel free to share you're own answers to these questions. Feel free to ask questions too! Shall we begin?

Q: If you could pick one song to be your intro song when you enter a room, what would it be?
A: Ooooh, let's see...I would probably have to pick 'Invincible' sung by Ok Go. 

Q: What's you're favorite musical/play?
A: That's another toughie! It's a tie between 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Oklahoma!'. Two completely different musicals, but I love them dearly.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's selection of videos. I'll try next week to post the post on time and not the next day. 



Unknown said...

Oklahoma is one of my fav musicals. Also Sound of Music and 7 Brides for 7 brothers.
Its getting chilly here too! After 100+ degrees for a long time, its welcome. But I will miss summer so bad. And I HATE winter!

Blodeuedd said...

Oh right, i was meant to check if I could find that movie you reviwed recently. Oh where is my brain, well that is whay I come back :D

Carole Rae said...

Allison, I feel ya. It's been a hot summer here too! I hate winter too, but I have to suck it up because my birthday is in the dead of winter *sighs*. I love both of those too! So good, so good.

Blodeuedd, I got my couple from Amazon. =D (If that'll help any)