Monday, September 12

Music Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today has been slightly irritating for me, at least. I had to work Sunday night and I got out a little after 5 am, but I had to go home, change, and head down to my college to work out my Financial Aid. Why must these things be so complicated? *sighs* Oh well. How has your Monday been so far?

This first video is a song that reminds me of the love between Cecily and Richard from 'Queen By Right'. They pretty much grew up together and were allowed to grow to love each other before they married. It's very cute and romantic. I also love the song and the singer singing it. It's called 'Right Here Waiting For You' sung by the fantastic Nicky Lee:

Next is a song that is stuck in my head! I hum it and sing while I clean the floor at work. It's 'Moves Like Jagger' by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera:

In Honor of 9/11 and my love for football here is a spine-tingling rendition of the National Anthem by Jim Cornelison.

As always, here's a funny video to lighten the mood...this is 'How Lost Should Have Ended' by HISHEdotcom. This is my favorite show, by the way:


Now its time for....QUESTION TIME! (Feel free to answer them too.)

1) If you could be a singer, would you rather go solo or be in a band?
A: I would probably want to be in a band, because I wouldn't be good enough to sing a whole song by myself. Haha.

2) What is your ultimate favorite song that you'll never get tired of?
A: Mine would have to be 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers. I'll probably be 100 years old and still rock out to this song.

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