Monday, June 24

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: A Lady's Guide to Scandal by Sophie Irwin

By: Sophie Irwin

Narrated by: Imogen Church

Series: A Lady's Guide, Book 2

Length: 13 hrs and 27 mins

Release date: 07-11-23 by Penguin Audio

Historical romance/ From

I did not write this review at once and now when I have thought about it...well it was just ok. I had too many issues.

Eliza is finally free from her marriage and she gets a sweet allowance and decides to live her life for once. Her old fling shows up, the guy she wanted to marry but her parents pushed her to marry his uncle. Ugh, tragic and it truly shows what a pushover she was.

I was all rooting for their romance as it blossomed again.

But it was rather dull at times, and I drifted.

Then there is this famous author that shows up. A true rake. And then things got weird. When did she fall for him? It felt like at the end the book suddenly decided to f it and just changed lanes.

Confusing shift. I really liked book 1, but this one not as much.

Nothing wrong with the narration though

When shy Miss Eliza Balfour married the austere Earl of Somerset, twenty years her senior, it was the match of the season--no matter that he was not the husband Eliza would have chosen.

But ten years later, Eliza is widowed. And at eight and twenty years, she is suddenly left titled, rich, and, for the first time in her life, utterly in control of her own future. Instead of living out her mourning quietly, Eliza heads to Bath with her cousin Margaret. After years of living according to everyone else’s rules, Eliza has resolved, at last, to do as she wants.

But when the ripples of the dowager Lady Somerset’s behavior reach the new Lord Somerset—whom Eliza knew, once, as a younger woman—Eliza is forced to confront the fact that freedom does not come without consequences, though it also brings unexpected opportunities . . .


Carole Rae said...

Book 2 syndrome. Hopefully book 3 is better for you!!

Blodeuedd said...

Totally book 2 syndrome!!