Wednesday, June 12

Book Review: Haunted Jerome by Patricia Jacobson

Author: Patricia Jacobson
Title: Haunted Jerome
Genre: Nonfiction
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 131
Published: August 26, 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (birthday gift)

Jerome was once home to the largest copper mine in Northern Arizona, built on the steep terrain of Cleopatra Hill. The small town, population fifteen thousand at its peak, was shockingly nefarious. Diversions for the hardworking miners came by way of saloons, gambling and ladies of the evening. Shootouts and murders, violent accidents in the mines and smelters and fires and diseases scourged its denizens. Life was tough on the mountain--death came too soon for many. When the copper mine closed in 1953, Jerome was rendered a ghost town, and its spirits still lurk among the living. The stories in this book will convince you they are here for a reason.

This was a gift from a friend because 1) love ghost stories, 2) love history, and 3) the name of the town is my hubby's first name. 

The city of Jerome was once the largest copper mine in Northern Arizona. This small town has one heck of history. Tragic in many ways and the town became a ghost town in more than one way in the 1950s. There are few people who have stayed and their neighbors are spirits who are stuck here. 

This was very interesting. I knew a little bit about Jerome, but not too much. I believe one of my Ghost shows went to a place in that town, but I can't be too sure (it's been so long and I watch too much to remember every episode lol). Apparently the city of Jerome is extremely haunted. Which this book does go over some stories, but also the history. With the history that town had I can def see a few hauntings. Lots of deaths. Lots of tragedy. 

Loved the pictures shown of buildings and the town. That was nice. 

I do feel some places were a bit long-winded. 

All-in-all, this was very interesting. Lots of town stories and ghost stories. If you need something interesting, but easy to read...this is good. :) 

4 stars from me. 



Sophia Rose said...

Love the ghostly-historical-hubby connection that drew you to the book. I've enjoyed reading a couple books about haunted places so I'd probably enjoy this, too.

Northwoman said...

It's not my thing but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, it was def interesting! And I loved the connections.

Anne, :) I usually read one or two nonfiction a year but yeah I rarely read books like this.

Jen Twimom said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not familiar at all, but I hate all things horror, so not surprising!

Blodeuedd said...

A really short books, and still some things are longwinded?

Carole Rae said...

Jen, luckily it read more of a historical and then some ghost stories so not overly scary.

B, yesss.