Monday, January 15

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Four Day Fling by Emma Hart

By: Emma Hart

Narrated by: Nelson Hobbs, Melissa Moran

Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins

Release date: 02-26-19

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance / bookbeat

This one was funny. But srsly Poppy, prepare a bit.

Poppy meets a guy, hooks up, and then invites him to a wedding. See here is where Poppy and I do not prepare the same way. She is all, I need a fake date cos my family will be all over me! But like hello, maybe learn a bit more than what his name is. It does not take long, prepare a bit. Ack Poppy.

Her mother was horrible. Like ugh.

Adam is the sweetest. He does this for her, and they fall in lust and love. But have some drama to get over.

Funny, cute and I will totally read more by her

Great narration that kept me hooked. There were two narrators, but the female one was the one in charge, so when the first change happened it was weird. And he did not get a lot of room.

Imagine this. You’re ready to leave after a one-night stand, and you’re figuring out how to—shock horror—leave your number and ask him to be your fake boyfriend for your sister’s wedding this weekend. When he wakes up. Well, that happened to me. And over coffee and omelets, I found myself a date.

Which was how I ended up arriving at the wedding with a guy I knew nothing about. I didn’t know his last name, or how we met, or how long we’d been dating. I didn’t know where he grew up, what he’d majored in in college, or how many siblings he had. I sure as hell didn’t know he was Adam Winters, hotshot hockey player—and not only my father’s favorite player, but my little nephew’s freakin’ idol. Which means I’m in trouble. Big, big trouble. My mother is suspicious, my sister is bridezilla on crack, and my grandpa will tell anyone who’ll listen about his time in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Four days. I have to keep this up for four days, and then Adam and I can return to our regular lives, where we don’t have sex whenever we’re alone and my family aren’t interrogating him over his intentions with me.

At least, that’s the plan. And we all know what happens to those.


Carole Rae said...

Awww Poppy

Sophia Rose said...

LOL, yeah, at least know his name and the basics so people might actually believe you. Sounds cute!

Blodeuedd said...

It was a fun one