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Book Review: A Modern Day Persuasion by Kaitlin Saunders

Author: Kaitlin Saunders
Title: A Modern Day Persuasion
Genre: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, & Retelling
Format: ebook
Pages: 258
Published: March 23, 2011
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon)

Nearly eight years ago, Anne’s family, specifically her father, convinced her that she was too young to wed and insinuated that her fianc√© Rick was solely interested in her wealth and status. Against her better judgment, Anne agreed to postpone the marriage, only to watch the love of her life walk away, never to be heard from again. Almost a decade later, still single and no longer wealthy, Anne struggles to make a name for herself designing greeting cards. Unable to move on with her life, she finds herself still emotionally bound to the man who disappeared the moment things didn’t go his way. Through a series of serendipitous events, however, Anne is reunited with her old love—just as a new beau enters the scene. Only time will tell if her heart can finally be set free to love again, or if Rick’s initial betrayal will leave her single…forever.

Been meaning to read this for a while, but you know how it goes. 

This is a modern take on the Austen classic 'Persuasion'. Anne was convinced she was too young and that Rick was not the right man for her. He didn't have money or status of any sort. Her family convinced her to at least postpone getting married, but Rick walked away to never be heard from again. 8 years later, Anne hasn't forgotten Rick, but she has a lot more problems to deal with. Her family's wealth is all but gone and she is struggling to make a name for herself. Through a series of events, Rick is back and is this a chance at love again?

Okay - I did read a lot of reviews and I'm not alone in my feelings here. I should listen to Blodeuedd. She was right when she said avoid it ;) 

1) Yes Anne and Rick you are TOO young to marry. You are 17 years old.........she hasn't even finished High School yet. 
2) Her family didn't tell her to say NO necessarily...just wait a year or two. Let Anne go to college at least. Have a long engagement. But NOOOO Rick walked away like an ass.
3) We discover that one of Anne's favorite books is 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen. Isn't this like breaking the 4th wall or whatever? Names, events, and situations are precisely the same (just different year). So that was weird for me. 
4) This was written very old school. It sounded like maybe 1920s not 2000s. The dialogue was off and not very modern sounding. 
5) Mr Elliot is literally their 2nd cousin and Elizabeth dated him?! And now Mr Elliot wants Anne? I'm sure that is illegal in a lot of places. Too closely related for my liking....*shudders*

SOOO those are my main complaints.

Yeah - sadly this wasn't for me in the end, but I forced myself to finish. I wanted that credit for my reading challenge and I had hoped this would get better. 

All-in-all, I'll give this 1 star. Again...only finished to get the credit and it wasn't very long. 


- Romance Reading Challenge - #2 (TBR pile over 1 year)


Blodeuedd said...

LOL, yes at least make it like 20 or something. That you can still be on their side and not the parents

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ALWAYS LISTEN TO LINDA! hahah. At least it counts as a bingo square!

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For real LOL