Wednesday, January 10

Audiobook Review: Christmas Eve 1914 by Charles Olivier

Author: Charles Olivier
Narrator: Cameron DaddoXander BerkeleyCody FernDamon HerrimanJames ScottJohn BeckLance GuestGabe Greenspan, & Heiko Obermoeller
Title: Christmas Eve 1914
Genre: Historical Fiction, Short Stories, & Military Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Published: December 16, 2014
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

In 1914, the war which was to have been wrapped up by Christmas had - in reality - only just begun, as all sides entrenched themselves deeper into the Great War. Christmas Eve, 1914 follows one company of British officers as they rotate forward to spend their Christmas on the front lines, a mere 80 yards from the German guns. Upper- and working-class men and boys are thrown together into one trench and struggle to survive. Beyond the exploding shells and artillery, the merciless freezing cold, extreme hunger, and crushing exhaustion, these young men - both British and German - discover a miracle of grace, as enemies becomes friends and an impossible Christmas finally arrives.

Meant to read this at the end of last year when I picked it up (when it was free), but you know how life gets ;) 

It is 1914 and the war was supposed to be done by Christmas, but it had only just begun. Both sides are entrenched and scared and cold and sad to be missing Christmas at home. Here we follow one British company as they rotate forward to spend their Christmas on the front lines...a mere 80 yards from German guns. Both this company and the German company on the other side will discover a miracle and a temporary friendship made possible by Christmas. 

They spared no expense with this short. A full cast and sound effects. It was simply delightful. It sounded like a movie. 

This has sadness, but there is hope. War is hell, but sometimes Christmas can bring people together even if it is just for a day.

Honestly? I think I may re-listen to this near Xmas time in the future. It really does remind you of the simplicity of Christmas and the happiness and hope it can bring. 

Even if you do not like historical fiction, this is something you should check out. It has an excellent meaning and the cast was fantastic. 

5 stars. 

- Audiobook Challenge - #3


Northwoman said...

I actually listened to this one. It is sad.

Anne - Books of My Heart

Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good. Sometimes there is hope

Jen Twimom said...

Not for me, but glad you enjoyed - I feel like this was made into a movie or documentary?

Carole Rae said...

Anne, it was.

B, yes. Always a sprinkle of hope.

Jen, maybe?