Thursday, January 18

Audiobook Review: Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

Author: Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Holter Graham
Title: Wild Sign
Series: Alpha & Omega #6
Genre: Urban Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published: March 16, 2021
Where I got It: Library

In the wilds of the Northern California mountains, all the inhabitants of a small town have gone missing. It's as if the people picked up and left everything they owned behind. Fearing something supernatural might be going on, the FBI taps a source they've consulted in the past: the werewolves Charles Cornick and Anna Latham. But Charles and Anna soon find a deserted town is the least of the mysteries they face.

Death sings in the forest, and when it calls, Charles and Anna must answer. Something has awakened in the heart of the California mountains, something old and dangerous — and it has met werewolves before.

Yayy! Finally catching up! I think I have one more Mercy book to get to before the new one comes out in 2024?!

When a whole small town has gone missing, the FBI turns to Charles and Anna to help. They fear something supernatural and scary is to blame. They aren't completely wrong. Something has awakened in the heart of the California mountains and it will be up to the pack to end it's song. 

This was SOOOO good. I've enjoyed Charles and Anna' stories, but they have all been just okay. This was the best of them all. I'm finally and fully settling into this couple. I feel like they need more books. We mainly focus on Mercy (which I love her to death), but we need to see them more often. 

Anna is coming into her own. Charles is loosening up a little bit. Love is a wonderful medicine. 

The mystery was sooooo good. Where did these witches go? What happened? What IS that THING in the woods? Why is Leah singing? So many questions. 

I will also say that I actually appreciate Leah more. She had a rough time of it and I'm slightly mad at Bran. He needs to open his heart a bit to her. Yes, I think he could have a better-fitting mate, but this is who he chose. He needs to put in some work. Love you, Bran! But this is your time to be better for Leah. *coughs* Never thought I would say these words. Don't get me wrong...Leah needs to do better too. They both need to sit down and talk. Go to therapy. You're lack-luster mating bond could and will put the pack in danger. I feel it in my bones. 

We got to meet some new types of supernatural so that was fun!

THAT ENDING!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You can't leave me like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss! When is the next one coming out? I know we have a Mercy one coming soon....but when will I see Anna again? CHARLESSSSSSSSSS! Ugh. Things are gonna happen. Big things with that last wee little twist. 

The narrator is good. Some girl voices are too similar, but guys typically have a harder time with the women's voices, so I won't fully hold it against him. 

All-in-all, this is my favorite of all the Charles/Anna books. I really enjoyed this one. I had zero idea how anything was going to be fixed or what was going to happen. So dang good. 5 stars from me. 

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Anne - Books of My Heart said...

This book was stellar - amazing!

Anne - Books of My Heart

Blodeuedd said...

Evil ending indeed

Carole Rae said...

Anne, SO good!

B, ugh I know. I literally am itching for the next one. WHENNNNN!?

Sophia Rose said...

Oh yeah, this one blew me away, too. So much was in this one.

Carole Rae said...

Literally my fave of the Anna/Charles. So good.