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Saturday Movie: Christmas as Usual (2023)

This month we decided to review 'Christmas as Usual'. 

Blodeuedd is in red and Carole is in green. BE WARNED! There are mini baby spoilers sprinkled throughout our chatting. 

Title: Christmas as Usual (Så var det jul igjen)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Released: 2023
Rating: TV-14
Site: Netflix 

Thea is going to her rural hometown to celebrate a classic Norwegian Christmas with her family, but this year she's bringing along Jashan, her Indian boyfriend, which will put everyone's preconceived beliefs and traditions on their heads.

Click here for the trailer. 

Yayy Xmas movie!!!!

I have been watching a few ;) Gotta get some in before the big day

I’ll be honest….that was the only one I have watched this year. I have been baaaaad. 

What! Carole, that is crazy! I am watching one right now!

I’ve only read like 3 or 4 books too. That is sooooo weird for me. I guess I’m not feeling the Xmas joy, BUT that movie did make me want to watch more.

I hear you, it´s hard getting into the spirit of things. But ok, we chose a Norwegian xmas movie, let´s do it

I’m excited for this one. It is a different take on Xmas and a different location than what we are used to. Normally these Xmas movies take place in the US or UK. Soo I was excited for a fresh setting. 

Well for me it was more like my backyard, but it was fun not for it to be a US or Uk setting ;D

Yes. It was nice. 

But honestly, I am all with Jashan on this one, damn it, Xmas cult people!

Yes. I am for sure with Jashan. The only thing I was cringe about him was when he was pretty much SCREAMING outside on the phone. Like, dude! But other than that? Eeesh. I’m surprised he would want to stay. I would want to leave like day 1. After thinking about it….I do understand why they wanted to keep Xmas precisely the same. They were still grieving the dad. 

Yes, I get it, but everyone was walking on eggshells and it was doomed to all fall apart. And yes Jashan screaming on the phone was beyond cringe. But poor guy, why was everyone so weird about him being from India? Like omg there are actually people in Norway that are not blonde and Norwegian. It was like they had never seen anyone else in their life. And why did she not want to tell anyone about them getting married? I just did not get it

It really was weird. The little girl didn’t care at all. Are they super remote and never travel to the city? The mom had it stuck in her head SO bad that she wanted her daughter to date the neighbor. I was stunned by them being stunned he was Indian. 

I was stunned by that too! And I think they said Telemark so that is in the south. Pretty sure when she went to the airport she went to Oslo. So nope not even in the middle of anywhere. Close to the capital instead. Also, I really disliked…omg I even forgot her name! Like how they went skiing, poor guy, poor guy! Either you let him stay home or you take that poor guy for like a 30-min ski trip. Not on a day trip

For real. I have never skied personally so I could only imagine his pain AND he was so nice. I would’ve been pissed. He was just so nice and they treated him like crap. The sister-in-law and little girl were the nicest to him. They seemed to actually try. 

When I said 30 min that is just him trying to like stand, lol, so yes this blew my mind that they made a newbie go on a freaking hour-long trip. Skiing is hard for the muscles. The other traditions, well those I understood. Church, sure, not that I would go, but I guess they are more traditional in their atheism. Church is surely nice on xmas. 

I’m glad they didn’t get mad about the dinner. Gah. Jashan deserves all the love. I’m glad they all did the big gesture at the end because they all did him so dirty. 

I would have loved to taste that dinner. That I did get, how would we even get real Indian cuisine? It is all very fake. Like here if you want Chinese food, then the restaurant might actually be owned by someone who is Thai. He did diss our poor food that has no taste though. Lol

To be fair…I think he was pretty much done at that moment and super hurt. I think it was after the skiing and church scenes. Ooooo and her lies about the ex? Oof. Again, if I was Jashan I would’ve just feigned being sick or something. IDK. So awkward. BUT the ending was worth it. They all seemed to have talked and opened their hearts. I hope they make a second movie. I want to see them all go to India next ;) 

I did not get the mum there. Ok so they had shot glasses, but she was all no no?! And of course, it will go to the guy´s head. That´s like vodka there.
And why didn´t she just say he was her ex? She really was the problem all along. If she had just said it at the beginning then things would have gone more smoothly. I think the mum would have tried then too.

Honestly…all the problems were because of her. She didn’t tell anyone anything. She didn’t communicate. Maybe give Jashan a heads-up about the neighbor who’s an ex. Tell her mom and brother that Jashan is Indian. Tell Jashan some of the traditions AHEAD of time. That is what I would’ve done. She just stayed mum. I don’t get why she was so scared? I feel like the wedding is going to be a hot mess because she won’t stand up for herself or for the people she loves. 

I mean isn´t that one of the most important things you tell when you have met someone. Who he is, where is he from, job blah blah. To leave it out was pretty weird by her like she was ashamed. And then support the guy! The mother did not seem like a monster, dunno why the SIL was so scared too. Wearing things she does not want, and eating things she does not like. Hell, when I met my SO and moved forward, oh they know I do not like fish ;) Small things, not gonna fake loving that for the rest of my life.

No one in that family wanted to talk. I feel like the Dad was the only one that forced them to talk. Once he was gone….they just all bowed down to Mom to not upset her. Very strange family so no wonder why the girl was weird (why am I blanking on her name?) *Googles* THEA!! There it is. But yes, so freaking strange. I told my parents all about not only my partners I would bring home but my friends. That is just what you do. So weird.

Communication. It is important. I get that some families have a hard time with that, but come on. You took him home to Norway. They would assume it is a serious relationship then. It was not like she was one town over. Plane tickets cost money!

Yeaaaaaaaah. So this isn’t a feel-good Xmas movie. It actually has some depth and I can’t complain. Yes, there is a HEA, buut it wasn’t an easy journey…especially for poor Jashan. 

Still feeling the whole Xmas cult over it. Dressing up in bunad. Doing everything on the exact day. It could have been a horror movie. Think about it.

Yes, it was weird and very cult-like. Like really? You can’t change ANYTHING up for the newbie? The look of horror on her face when he made Indian food for Little Christmas (or whatever it was called) was like he murdered the neighbor. 

See my first thought was omg he has been using the food especially for xmas! But nah, it was just that they had to have their special dish on a special day. Weirdos

For real. I would’ve been mad that he used the food I needed, but that wasn’t the case. They were nice to “try” it but damn the dramatics of the spice was too much. I’m sure it wasn’t THAT spicy. I don’t think he would try and kill them. 

Like they never had spicy food before? We have all have had spicy food, I def know that water does not help. But I guess they do not know

It felt like they went back in time. Hahaha. Weird family man. I’m curious to see if they do a second movie….I want to watch that disaster too!

I am more stuck on this being a horror movie, they are saving him for the annual Xmas slaughter! Omg, that would have made so much sense!
But a 2nd would be fun

Hahahaha sacrifice him to the Christmas gods. 

We used to do that in the olden days. 

See? Thea is a time-traveler and Jashan is her next victim. 

All hail Oden and Thor. Here is the sacrifice for Yule. Then they eat his heart. Gory. And wait for the next year and who they will take now. No wonder the SIL was scared. She could be next!

That’s why the SIL keeps getting preggo. Hahahaha

Makes sense! Pretty sure the ex is the one killing the victims too. Pretty sketchy guy

DUDE thank you for bringing it up. He was creepy…esp when he was acting as Santa. 

Come sit on my lap! No, no man not cool. And everyone was all do it. No. 

If that was my partner sitting on their ex’s lap….I would’ve yeeted that ex out the window. Poor Jashan. 

The ex had it coming.

FOR real. 

Ok. I did like the movie, even in its absurdity. It would have made more sense if it was set like 40 years or something. But it was also based on a true story so I guess Norwegians are just pretty weird.

Maybe it is just this family. Like the SIL was normal-ish. She actually tried. IDK. Some people are weird and closed-minded so I guess even the absurdity can happen in our modern times? 

So true. Close-minded people and racists are everywhere. But I would have liked more of a cultural clash movie. Like him being all you guys are weird, and then they all tried to get along. Instead of this…whatever it was.

But I’m with you. I liked the movie. Slightly a mess with the cult, but it does have a good meaning. Be freakin’ nice and welcoming darnit!

And do not be a Thea! Hold on to the one you love and stand by them

Yes. Be open. Be nice. TALK. 

The end?

Yesss,  the end. Happy holidays!! Until 2024!


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