Saturday, December 16

Book Review: The Lady's Christmas Kiss by Rose Pearson

Author: Rose Pearson
Title: The Lady's Christmas Kiss
Genre: Historical Romance, Holiday, Novella
Format: ebook
Pages: 186
Published: January 1, 2022
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon)

Lady Rebecca’s heart has been broken. Yet when difficulties arise, she calls upon her old flame. Could there still be something wonderful between them?

Lady Rebecca loves everything about Christmas and is thrilled to be invited to a extended Christmas gathering. However, her happiness is spoiled by the arrival of a gentleman she knows all too well, the only gentleman who has ever had – and broken – her heart: Viscount Hastings.

Viscount Myles Hastings never expected to see Lady Rebecca again. Walking into the house party to see her sitting there takes his breath away – and in that instant, his only wish is to win her back, no matter the consequences.
When a dark incident forces them together, Myles is determined to take his opportunity – and Rebecca finds herself drawn back to the only gentleman who has ever captured her heart. Mistletoe balls, Christmas games, and wonderful dinners give them plenty of opportunities to grow closer but Rebecca is afraid of what will happen, should she trust him again.

Will the magic of Christmas help them to reconcile? Will Myles be bold enough to tell her the truth? And can this one dark moment lead them to a happiness they’d both thought they’d lost forever?

Gotta love Amazon freebies ;) I picked this one up mainly because it is an Xmas and I need to start some Xmas tales!

Here we follow Rebecca and Myles. Rebecca loves Xmas time and is thrilled to be given an invitation to a Holiday House party! However, her excitement is washed away when the Viscount Myles Hastings arrives. He had broken her heart and they never thought they would see each other again. However, Myles finally has a chance to make things right, and when her back. 

I did not get any Xmas joy out of this one. I would've quit but it is a shorter story and my rule before DNFing is at least 100 pages. This is about 180 (give or take) SO I figured I might as well battle through it. 

Yes, yes, I skimmed QUITE a bit but some of the finer details did not stick in my brain. Mhmmm Rebecca and Myles have words. Myles wants her back. Rebecca is hurt. Things happen that make them have to team up and Myles takes the opportunity to woe her. Things happen and OPE love. OH! And Rebecca's parents kinda suck. Again...don't ask me about the finer details.

There was something about Myles I didn't like and Rebecca was....kinda boring but she was sweet and I wanted her to find somebody else. 

Sadly...I didn't vibe. It might just be a me thing. Rebecca was very sweet though. Maybe if she ended up with someone who wasn't Myles I might've liked this one more? Who knows....

I'll give this 2 stars because I am feeling charitable and I did like Rebecca and I adore the cover. 


Jen Twimom said...

What a bummer. But the cover is nice.

Blodeuedd said...

Yeah I would have given up ;)

Carole Rae said...

Jen, agreed.

B, loll I am a sucker sometimes.