Tuesday, December 26

Book Review: Twelve Dates of Christmas by Charlee James

Author: Charlee James
Title: Twelve Dates of Christmas
Series: Northampton Hearts #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Format: ebook
Pages: 200
Published: November 1, 2021
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon)

She’s fallen for her own fantasy…will a real future with him be enough?

Bored by years of underwhelming dating experiences, copywriter Grace McGovern combines her love of Christmas and her longing for romance into the ultimate romance novel—where the heroine is swept off her feet one Christmas by tender, thoughtful, romantic…and utterly unrealistic dates. When Grace has a chance meeting with an attractive man, she’s charmed by their conversation and fun dates…until warning bells jingle. He couldn’t be taking cues from her book, could he?

Engineer Owen Ellis has always been more comfortable with computers and coding than with women. After claiming he was boring and unromantic, his last girlfriend’s bitter parting gift was a cheesy romance book hurled at his head. When he meets a woman whose warm smile and conversation intrigue him, Owen is ready to try again but knows he needs to up his game. What’s the harm in borrowing a few ideas?

Can the Christmas magic last forever, or will their relationship dissolve into another ho-hum holiday fling?

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Here we follow Grace and Owen. Years ago, after too many underwhelming dates, decided to write her very own Christmas romance. The characters went on 12 amazing and slightly unrealistic dates. Years go by and Grace is ready to move on from her book and find someone to spend her life with...enter in Owen. Owen is an engineer who's always been more comfortable with computers and coding. Dating has always been rough for him. His ex left him because he was boring and unromantic. His ex's last gift to him was a cheesy romance book. When he meets Grace he decides he needs to up his game and give Grace the best 12 dates ever. 

This was simply adorable. I loved Grace and I loved Owen. They are both good eggs who deserve all the love in the world. This is perfect for the holidays and made me want to try out one or two of the dates from the list! Very cute ideas and cute dates. 

There is a touch of drama near the end, which you know was coming. When Grace finally admits that she wrote the book....Owen didn't take it too well. I don't blame him. They both were in the wrong. Her for lying this whole time and the couple of things he said out of hurt. I'm so glad it didn't take long for them to move past it and realize they are meant to be.

Yessss, so this was simply perfect for the holidays! It made me want to go get some hot cocoa and relax. A very sweet love story between two people who really deserve all the love. I, for sure, recommend this. I'll stamp this with 5 stars. 


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