Wednesday, May 24

Re-listen: Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Author: Anne Bishop
Marked in Flesh (The Others, #4)Narrator: Alexandra Harris
Title: Marked in Flesh
(The Others #4)
Genre: Paranormal, UF, Fantasy, & romance
Published: March 8th 2016
Pages: Audiobook

Since the Others allied themselves with the cassandra sangue, the fragile yet powerful human blood prophets who were being exploited by their own kind, the delicate dynamic between humans and Others changed. Some, like Simon Wolfgard, wolf shifter and leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn, see the new, closer companionship as beneficial—both personally and practically.

But not everyone is convinced. A group of radical humans is seeking to usurp land through a series of violent attacks on the Others. What they don’t realize is that there are older and more dangerous forces than shifters and vampires protecting the land that belongs to the Others—and those forces are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect what is theirs…

Slightly behind in re-reading this series. Got sidetracked with some other stuff. 

There is a radical human group that is seeking to take more and more and more land. They also want to get rid of the Others. What they don't realize there are much older and more dangerous forces out there. Simon, Meg, and their friends will be the only things that will save themselves and the humans that they love. 

Humans........sighs.......why are they so dumb? I'm sure if this world was our world there would be lunatic humans like this that do these dumb things. You can't help but cheer for the Others to eat and kill the bad humans. 

Love Meg and Simon and all their friends. There is a scene that will make you sob like a baby. You see it coming since it was seen (plus I already knew it was happening since it was a re-read) but holy tears. SOBS!!!!!

This was for sure intense and you can feel the build-up from page one. You can feel that something is happening and nothing no one can do to stop it. 

Awww that ending is beautiful. 

The narrator is fantastic and I couldn't imagine anyone else doing this book series. Perfection.

5 stars for sureeee. 

- #24 for Audiobook challenge


Mary Kirkland said...

I've heard so many good things about this but haven't read it yet.

Carole Rae said...

Such a fun series. I def recommend it!

Melliane said...

This series is so good

Sophia Rose said...

Always a pleasure delving into Anne Bishop's The Others.

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, it really is.

Sophia, love it.

Blodeuedd said...

Love love these

Carole Rae said...

Me too! Can't wait to read the next.