Thursday, May 4

Book Review: Accidental Neighbor by Sharon Woods

Author: Sharon Woods
Title: Accidental Neighbor
Series: The Gentlemen #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 360
Published: August 18, 2021
Where I Got It: My shelf (Bookbub)

Thomas will do anything for his daughters. That includes the hard work of rebuilding their lives after his wife’s tragic death a year ago. But unrelenting grief and fear of suffering another loss keeps him from moving forward and embracing the possibility of love again.

Jennifer takes nothing for granted. She knows to get ahead at work; she has to work harder than everyone else and remain focused. Focusing would be a lot easier if Thomas wasn’t so irresistible, and her overprotective father wasn’t so disapproving of the romance.

With his heart and his daughters’ well-being at the forefront of his mind, will Thomas deny himself the opportunity to love again, or will he follow his heart and see where it leads?

This was a freebie from Bookbub. I really need to start using that site more often! They have such great deals. 

Here we follow Jennifer and Thomas. The two had a one-night stand a while back and it was great but meant nothing. Now, sometime later, Thomas is unknowingly moving in next door. Thomas is a widower who is trying to work hard and support his daughters. He is trying to rebuild their lives after his wife's tragic death a year ago, but he can't imagine finding love again. Jennifer is young and trying to make her way in life. She knows she has to work hard to get ahead at work to get that promotion. Focusing on work would be a lot easier if it wasn't for Thomas being so irresistible. 

The lust was there from page 1, but the love takes a while. Which works. There are a lot of reasons they can't/won't be together. From him still grieving his wife to the big age difference. To professionalism (she works at the daycare where he has his youngest at). Plus, her dad is super meh about Thomas. 

I enjoyed this, but it did seem to drag after the halfway mark. I'll admit I did skim a tiny bit. The last couple of chapters did make up for the draggy-ness though. It made my cold heart melt. Awwwww. 

I felt that her Dad was dumb. Like, chill old man. She is in her 20s and old enough to date a guy who is slightly older. It's not like Thomas was 70 years old and she was 18. Chillax. I felt that was unnecessary drama.  

All-in-all, this was a steamy read for sure. I liked both Jennifer and Thomas and they obv are meant for each other. There is a little section that was so slowwww, but the last couple of chapters helped make it worth it. In the end, I'll give this 3 stars. 

- #13 for Romance Reading Challenge - Non-US author


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