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Not-so-Saturday Joint Review: XO Kitty (season 1)

This month we decided to review 'XO Kitty' season 1. 

Blodeuedd is in red and Carole is in green.

Title: XO Kitty (season 1)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Released: 2023
Rating: TV-14
Site: Netflix 

A new love story unfolds when teen matchmaker Kitty reunites with her long-distance boyfriend at the same boarding school attended by her late mother.

Click here for the trailer. 

So we both assumed this was a movie, ooops.

I’m kinda glad it was a show instead. We got more time with Kitty and the other characters. 

True, it worked really well as a tv-series, the only bad part was that damn cliffhanger at the end!!!

OMG that ending!!!!!! We need season 2 asap. At least with the original movie you could be good at the end and leave as is. You wanted more of course, but no crazy cliffhanger. 

Yeah, not cool netflix, considering how many shows they axe!

For real. I’m nervous. It is trending so it seems to be popular-ish at the moment. I have my hope that she will get with a certain character (I don’t wanna spoil anything) because honestly…..I think they fit oddly well together. That character never lied to her or anything. 

Yes, especially if you are thinking of the person you said. The end nailed that idea for me. I wanted it before but that end, awwww. Open your eyes Kitty

I think we are thinking of the same person. I’ll black it out as a spoiler……..[SPOILER ALERT] Min Ho! Love him. I love the enemies-to-lovers vibeeee. He was nothing but honest with her. And him being with her on the plane???? [END OF SPOILER] ADORBS!

Yup, that is right. Loved it. I felt that was genuine. Like first we have hopeless first love, then infatuation, then something real

Like don’t get me wrong I liked the “options” but I think the one I mentioned is the better fit. A mix of them all if you will. LOL

And honestly I did not really see or understand that one crush she had. It felt rather sudden and thrown in. Not to mention it gave bully vibes (even if they became friends later). I just, no

It felt like unneeded additional drama. Sort of like a red herring in a way. There was no way that character was going to even look her way. That character found their person already. 

And if there is another season it will be unnecessary drama, I hate cheating. 

Me too. That whole thing with Dae really, really bugged me. I get it was fake but……maybe he should’ve said something. Even if she didn’t come to Korea to be with him she would’ve seen it on the news eventually. And that looks worse. 

Ugh, I hated it! Like hello, tell her the  TRUTH, and then at least I would have been all ok, I will do it for you so that you have the money. But she would have known he likes her, and not that other person.

Agreed. There was a way to tell Kitty without letting all the secrets out of the bag. She would’ve understood. Granted, we wouldn’t have had the show, but I feel like they could’ve focused on other things. 

It just made me really dislike her, and then we are supposed to like her cos it was all fake? No, I do not forgive that easily. I would have hold my damn grudge

Yes, I did struggle feeling bad for her or forgiving her and then suddenly loving her too. Mmmm. I feel like she was just as bad as her parents. 

I for some reason had an easier time forgiving her mum. So weird. Also, her mum should leave the dad, at once. F reputation.

I have a feeling she will. The dad was an asshat and treats poor people like trash!!!! Terrible dude. OH….is it bad that I want Kitty to get with that young professor too? LOLLL He was adorable and needs a HEA

Ok, so we are both bad, but but! Kitty should like wait 3 years at least. Cos else, euwww creepy.

Of course. Date the young character for 3 years. Go to college and then stumble upon the young professor at some cafe or bar and then they have a meet-cute and fall in love. Marry, babies, and HEA. 

Yes! That would be perfect, gods, that guy was so sweet!

He really was. He deserves the best!! I hope he gets to have the relationship he wants with his parents. He is a gem!

By the way, the whole ending felt really unfair. Like hello! She should have sued the damn school for what that roommate did!!! 

OMG yes. I would’ve sued. But there is hope for sure with that phone call Yuri was making to her mom. Sounds like it’ll be resolved. But how unfair. 

Yes I am sure it will be resolved, but I found it disturbing that it was not called upon. ANd that she rather mentions freaking tissues than that breach of trust. Not to mention she is underage. And I mean wtf

For fing real. And the dudes didn’t get in trouble. I feel like they just wanted to get rid of her. Which how shitty. Just tell Margot she would rip that school apart. SPEAKING of which…I hope we get to see the sisters in the next season. 

I did miss the sisters :/ I really want to see them!! I get if they are busy, but a tiny cameo pleeeeease

Maybe they wanted to just focus on Kitty for the first season? Maybe when they land and they are on holiday they will be there? I have to imagine they’ll be there for Xmas. 

Them at xmas, yes! I hope so. And I hope netflix gives us more.

I hope so too. OMG. It would be funny if they call that character “Dae” and then Kitty has to awkwardly explain EVERYTHING that happened. I want that character to see an actual loving family. 

Oh that would be so funny! Like they are meeting her at the airport and is all Dae!!

That would be a hilarious opener. A nice way to recap on the last season. 

That needs to happen!

For real! And I need that character to sit at the Xmas table and see actual love and affection in a family. 

Srsly, all the feels! If netflix does not use that they are missing out!

Again…we need to be writers for Netflix. We have so many ideasssssss! 

We will write a series or a movie, and it will be freaking amazing. Amazing!


The end?

Indeed! So hard to not give away spoilers….this was good. We need season 2 like yesterday. 


Mary Kirkland said...

I haven't seen this show so thanks for letting me know about it.

Carole Rae said...

Hope you like it!

Blodeuedd said...

I am 12 days behind now wtf

Carole Rae said...

It happens my friend!