Tuesday, March 22

Audiobook Review: A Walk in the Park by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Narrator: Marissa Hampton & Chinua Hawk
Title: A Walk in the Park
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella
Format: Audiobook
Published:  March 10th 2022
Where I got It: Audible

Andre Monroe is ready to move on from heartbreak, and the first step is bringing home his rescue pup. He’d bonded instantly with the playful Zeus and was already planning their first adventures. But one thing he definitely hadn’t daydreamed about was Zeus accidentally being promised to someone else - or that he might go home empty-handed and brokenhearted all over again.

Janelle Johnson is not giving up her claim to Zeus. He already has a hold on her heart (and his own Instagram handle). After the year she’d had, she needed this dog. But when she sees the disappointment of the big, burly handsome man who’s clearly just as in love with the dog as she is, she proposes a deal to Andre - for one month they’ll co-parent the dog. How hard could it be?

Both of them agree to the unusual arrangement. Sharing a dog with a complete stranger isn’t quite the walk in the (dog) park they imagined, but as they work together to give Zeus a loving future, their four-legged friend might not be the only one who’s found a happily ever after.

That cover...that title....that puppy!! This had me itching to listen to it right away! 

Here we follow Andre Monroe and Janelle Johnson. Both are ready to move on with their lives and adopt this pup Zeus. Little did they know that when they would show up to the shelter there was a huge mess up. They both were promised this dog. Andre and Janelle strike up an unusual arrangement...share the dog. Yes, they are complete strangers but they both love the dog and oddly enough they selected the same groomer, vet, and trainer. This seems like it was meant to be. 

So freakin' cute. I love how it was just meant to be for these two! They both had a bad break-up, they are both successful, they both fell in-love with Zeus, they even picked the same vendors to take care of the dog (groomer, vet, trainer). They also get along swimmingly and work together great!! The lust is for sure there from the beginning too. It made me "awwww" when they finally realized that they are perfect for each other!!

This was so sweet and not a lot of crazy drama. Some external crap their exes try pulling, but nothing dramatic. This is perfect if you are looking for a cute and sweet love tale with a puppy at the heart of it all. 

We have two narrators here. One for the male POV and the other for the female POV. They were perfect. They brought these characters to life and I loved it! I would love to listen to more by them. I feel like I heard the female voice before, but the name didn't ring a bell. 

All-in-all, this is the perfect spring read. It is light and sweet and cute. A beautiful couple who deserves all the happiness in life and a dog who has a great set of people parents! Def recommend. 5 stars from me. 

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Blodeuedd said...

Awwww sounds good

Carole Rae said...

Super cute!

Mary Kirkland said...

That sounds really cute.

Jen Twimom said...

I skimmed the review because I'm waiting to listen. So excited you gave it a 5!!

Carole Rae said...

Ooooo I can't wait to see whatch think!