Sunday, November 28

Saturday (ish) Movie Discussion: A Castle for Christmas (2021)

This month we decided to discuss  A Castle for Christmas

Blodeuedd is in red and Carole is in green.

Title: A Castle for Christmas
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family
Released: Nov. 2021
Rating: G
Length: 1h 38m

To watch the trailer, click HERE.



XMas movie time!

Yesss Xmas time!!! Gotta love Xmas movies! 

Thank you Netflix, keep them coming. They are just so light and fun, not a lot of drama. Cheesy, and just lol

They are perfect movies to watch with some wine and snacks! I do love how most of them, like this one, have little drama. Usually, the drama is because one or both are being stubborn or there is a miscommunication. Easily resolved! 

Perfect and light. And we even got a grumpy Scottish Duke this time, yay. Of course, my mind was working overtime and I was all, oh, his line is dead now isn’t it

Yes I was excited he was a grumpy Duke. Made me happy. I thought the same thing! He is the last of the line (unless he has some brother or nephew out there). They are too old to have kids. WHICH. It made me happy that this was an older couple. I loved the whole you are never too old to find true love. Very refreshing and melted my heart. 

I do not think the creators put much thought into it, most think Dukes are royals. Like hello. And that the title finds someone, yeah, not anymore.

But yes I loved that it was an older couple who had been through it all

Yea they are not too concerned anymore to find someone. I bet so many titles have just died out.

It was so nice to see an older couple who were both super burned in love find love in an unlikely place. It was also so nice to see Sophie find some legit friends. It sounded like she only had her daughter and her agent. 

Her husband sounded like a proper ass! Good riddance. And I loved the new friends she made

Yesssss a super asshat and the Duke’s lady (was she a fiance or wife) left him in the dust what a B-word! I’m also glad it took them months to get together. They both were burned so bad and they are stubborn. Perfect. I loved her friends and I’m glad that Thomas and the Inn rekindled. I want to see more of that village. 

Yes, that would be fun! More village and I am sure her daughter can find a grumpy Duke too

OOOOO! I nearly forgot about Lexi! She is a good girl and deserves love. Maybe a mystery nephew that comes wanting the title ;) LOL So much room for sequels. 

Ohhh, good call, yes mystery nephew for the win

The castle was the Title needs saving!! What a perfect plot. Plus we all deserve to see and hear Cary and his Scottish accent. Flawless….hot. HAHAHA. 

I so love this, I hope they do something with it next year.

One can hope! I really adored the characters and the story. I want to go to that village and learn to knit!!

Lol, not that keen on the knitting, but the village looked fun.

But hey we have to talk about how she wrote 10 books about the same character and owns a million-dollar apartment in NY.

TRUE I did make a comment to JP (bless his heart….poor guy woke up to me watching it and he was so confused since he woke up halfway through it) how on Earth does she have THAT much money!?!?!?!?!?! Maybe she does some short stories or helps write on TV shows??? ORRRRR did she get one heck of a settlement from that Arsehat ex?

I guess she was the next 50 shades. But still, how does one even write a romance in a 10 book series. Omg I would be mad too if she killed the guy!

Maybe! Has to be. She has so much money. I am curious how she stretched a romance that long. Maybe it was an on-and-off relationship? Or you see them and their life? Struggles of marriage….first kid….retiring….etc. But yes - after all that I would’ve been MAD that she killed the guy off. 

I want to read them now, still 10 books with one love and then boom dead. Thanks for that author. But the covers, boring! ;)

Yess I want to read them too. Especially that last book she made. It sounds badass. :D

Oh yes, that last one sounds cool. Still, what was that? Historical fiction romance? Damn the movie made it sound like authors make a lot of money. And that people recognize them in the street?!

Right?? Maybe her hubbie was famous too? I don’t know. Sure it can happen becoming a millionaire as a writer….but not celebrity status where people have a picket/protest because they are THAT mad at her book. Very unrealistic there for sure. 

Lol, but sure fun to see at least. A good movie. I do not need much.

I think that was my only issue, but the rest? Adored it! I do want another movie. Sequel pleaseeeee!

Yes :D

For sure worth the watch this holiday season. I kinda wanna watch it again ;) 

The end?

The end! I don’t have much else. Can’t wait to watch more Xmas movies! GIMME MORE!


Jen Twimom said...

I really want to watch this one, but my daughter was all "meh." I'll convince her yet. I love that they are an older couple and two icons from the 80/90s!

Carole Rae said...

Agreed! You'll have to convince her ;)

Blodeuedd said...

Yay more please

Carole Rae said...