Tuesday, November 9

Audiobook Review: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Author: Hiro Arikawa, Philip Gabriel (Translator)
Narrator: George Blagden
Title: The Travelling Cat Chronicles
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Animal
Format: Audiobook
Published:  November 2012
Where I got It: Borrowed from Library

Sometimes you have to leave behind everything you know to find the place you truly belong...

Nana the cat is on a road trip. He is not sure where he's going or why, but it means that he gets to sit in the front seat of a silver van with his beloved owner, Satoru. Side by side, they cruise around Japan through the changing seasons, visiting Satoru's old friends. He meets Yoshimine, the brusque and unsentimental farmer for whom cats are just ratters; Sugi and Chikako, the warm-hearted couple who run a pet-friendly B&B; and Kosuke, the mournful husband whose cat-loving wife has just left him. There's even a very special dog who forces Nana to reassess his disdain for the canine species.

But what is the purpose of this road trip? And why is everyone so interested in Nana? Nana does not know and Satoru won't say. But when Nana finally works it out, his small heart will break...

I had to pick this for book club. I read this a while back and I loved it. I decided to shake it up and listen to the audio. 

We follow Nana the cat and his owner Satoru. The two pack up and head out on an adventure. Nana really doesn't know why, but he doesn't car. He gets to see Japan and meet a lot of different people and animals along the way. Satoru won't say, but there is something up and it sounds like life is going to change. 

Ohhh my heart. 

I didn't sob like I did last time. I had a couple of tears still, but since I know the ending I was ready for it. Still broke my little heart. Oooooo Nana and Satoru. I love them. I would love a prequel one day. That would be fun. See them become best friends. 

This will make you laugh. This will make you cry. Def a great book for animal lovers. 

This time I did the audio and I enjoyed it still. The narrator did a good job. The girl voices were...okay....it did the job.

All-in-all, I enjoyed this. I think I like paper version a hair more, but this was still a great read. I highly recommend it. You will feel all the feels by the end. 5 stars. 

- #76 for Audiobook challenge


Melliane said...

I don't think I know of this one but it's great that it was another great second read/audio

Jen Twimom said...

This sounds adorable... but sad?! I can't do sad, especially sad pet stories! Glad you enjoyed.

Sophia Rose said...

I remember when you read this the first time because I thought it sounded like one I'd enjoy. Glad the audio was just as good.

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, it for sure went under the radar!

Jen, some sad, but it was funny and adorable too

Sophia, yess i'm glad the audio worked!

Blodeuedd said...

Awww the feels

Carole Rae said...

All the feels!!!!