Thursday, August 5

Audiobook Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Author: Jane Austen
Narrator:  Greta Scacchi 
Title: Persuasion
Genre: Classic, Historical Romance, Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Published:  January 12th 2009 by BBC Audiobooks LTD (first published December 1817)
Where I got It: Audible

Twenty-seven-year old Anne Elliot is Austen's most adult heroine. Eight years before the story proper begins, she is happily betrothed to a naval officer, Frederick Wentworth, but she precipitously breaks off the engagement when persuaded by her friend Lady Russell that such a match is unworthy. The breakup produces in Anne a deep and long-lasting regret. When later Wentworth returns from sea a rich and successful captain, he finds Anne's family on the brink of financial ruin and his own sister a tenant in Kellynch Hall, the Elliot estate. All the tension of the novel revolves around one question: Will Anne and Wentworth be reunited in their love?

Decided to do the audio of this! I kinda wanna go through all the Austen's and do audio versions for funsies!

We follow Anne Elliot who is 27 now. 8 years prior she was engaged to Frederick Wentworth, but she precipitously breaks off the engagement after being persuaded by her friend that the match is not a good idea. For 8 years Anne has deep regret and wishes she could fix this. Later Wentworth returns to her life as a rich and successful captain. 

This has always been my favorite Austen novel. I love Anne. I love Frederick. I love that they get a second chance. And that letter he writes???!!!! *swoons* 

The side cast is always fun. I hate Anne's family. They are SO selfish and rude ALL the time. Anne really deserves love and to get away from that dang family. Screw them. 

After listening to this I want to watch the movie and find some variations. I do not recall the last time I even read one? Mmmmm. 

But yes - I want to find some variations. I want Anne's widow friend to find love and happiness. Poor girl. I always feel so bad for her. I really hope Anne moved her in. 

The narrator was good. I liked her. I wish she shook up the voices a little bit more. I had to really pay attention when there was dialogue. 

In the end, I enjoyed this audio. The narrator was good and I simply LOVVVVVEEEEEE this novel by Austen. Of course 5 stars

- #45 for Audiobook challenge
- #22 for Romance Bingo - second chances


Melliane said...

Oh yes I think I did read this one

vvb32 reads said...

Yay for Persuasion! I'm slowly working through the annotated version.

Blodeuedd said...

I adore Persuasion

Sophia Rose said...

Yay! Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel, too. I've read some variations and sequels on it, but none highlighted Mrs. Smith getting her HEA, but I'll watch for it and let you know.