Monday, August 9

B's Monday Audio Review: If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon

Narrated by: Katharine Chin

Length: 10 hrs and 7 mins

Release date: 07-06-21

Publisher: HarperAudio

YA fiction

To review

Audio: This was my first time listening to Katherine Chin. She was a great narrator who got the feel of things and I always knew who was who. Really good with a YA book.

This one reminded me a bit of When Dimple met Rishi. Fancy school, apps, and falling in love. Well the love part was hard coming here.

Xia is smart, loves coding,and had created this amazing AI. She gets into a 1 year program in Silicon Valley and off she goes.

And then it takes quite the turn. Teachers should really try harder. Xia in her new life totally forgets about the bottom line what she is doing. And no one seems to care. Like at the first night there there is this prank, and again, no one seems to care. Can 16 year olds even sign contracts!?

There is some romance too, she meets a guy, but her heart is already taken by the boy she met online, and she handles it really badly.

But, she is 16 and here I do feel that her age makes all her mistakes reasonable. She is young and want it all. And it all works out for her, which is totally weird. Cos she effs up majorly. With romance, school, friendship and everything.

It was an interesting story. Not the story I though I would get from the blurb. But a story if being swept away in something bigger than yourself, and having no one to reign you in.

Xia is stuck in a lonely, boring loop. Her only escapes are Wiser, an artificial intelligence app she designed to answer questions like her future self, and a mysterious online crush she knows only as ObjectPermanence. And then one day Xia enrolls at the Foundry, an app incubator for tech prodigies in Silicon Valley.

Suddenly, anything is possible. Flirting with Mast, a classmate also working on AI, leads to a date. Speaking up generates a vindictive nemesis intent on publicly humiliating her. And running into Mitzy Erst, Foundry alumna and Xia’s idol, could give Xia all the answers.

And then Xia receives a shocking message from ObjectPermanence: He is at the Foundry, too. Xia is torn between Mast and ObjectPermanence—just as Mitzy pushes her towards a shiny new future. Xia doesn’t have to ask Wiser to know: The right choice could transform her into the future self of her dreams, but the wrong one could destroy her.


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