Friday, July 23

Audiobook Review: Once a Scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney

Author: Mary Jo Putney
Narrator:  Beverley A. Crick
Title: Once a Scoundrel
(Rogues Redeemed #3)
Genre: Historical Romance, Adventure
Format: Audiobook
Published: 2017
Where I got It: Audible

An outcast on the high seas . . .

The son of a proud naval dynasty, Gabriel Hawkins was born to command the sea, until he leaves the Royal Navy in disgrace and is disowned by his family. As captain of his own ship, he's earned his living in ways both legal and illegal, and his experience makes him the best choice to ransom an aristocratic beauty captured by Barbary pirates.

Having avoided the traps of convention and marriage, Lady Aurora Lawrence is horrified by the prospect of spending her life as a harem slave. Her only hope of escape is a quiet, steely captain who has a history with her captor--and who will do anything to free Rory. Together they undertake a dangerous mission through troubled waters--and encounter another kind of danger as attraction burns hot within the close confines of his ship. But even if they endure the perils of the sea and enemy lands, can their love survive a return to England, where the distance between a disgraced captain and an earl's daughter is wider than the ocean?

This book has been elusive! I got tired of waiting for or looking for it (I even skipped over it to read the rest of the series) so I decided to bite the bullet and use my free monthly Audible credit on it. 

We follow the disgraced Gabriel Hawkins. He was born to a proud dynasty of naval officers, but he was disgraced from the Royal Navy and disowned by his family. To make his way in the world, he became a captain of his own ship and finds ways to make money. Be it in legal or even illegal adventures. Due to his experience, he is given the chance to rescue an aristocratic beauty who was captured by Barbary pirates and try to ransom her freedom on behalf of the family. Lady Aurora has dodged marriage for a long time, but being captured by pirates and possibly spending her life as a harem slave makes her wish for freedom and to return back home. Her only hope of escape is Gabriel and his crew. 

This was a lot of fun. I think this was my favorite of series so far. I think there are a couple of more left in the series. *does research* Yes, there is a short story and a new one coming out next week. WAIT...WHAT? OMG I MUST READ IT!!!!! 

ANYWAYS...SEE? Some things are worth waiting for I guess ;) 

I loved how eccentric Rory was and how adorable her cousin was. 

I loved Gabriel. Poor guy got dealt a shitty hand. Grrrrr to his family and to the Royal Navy! 

Oooooo and the side romance between Rory's cousin and the 1st mate was adorable! I'm so happy that the cousin found love. She deserved it just as much as Rory and good ol' Gabriel. 

What I really love about this author is that I typically buy these couples. Sure, they had a spark of insta-love here, but they talked and became friends and then lovers. I love that! And it made sense. I mean...they spent a couple of weeks at sea with nothing better to do. I really loved watching them fall in love. 

Now, I will say the resolution seemed a bit...easy and quick. I knew what was going to happen based on what I read in later books, but I expected more...drama? Mmm. Hard to explain without spoiling here...but yes, I thought I was going to be worried. I wasn't at all. I think I was more worried about the poor animals they had to drag along. Poor things crossing the ocean TWICE. Gah! I can't imagine how scared they were. 

The narrator was good! Her voices fit well. I will say Rory's and the cousin's voice were very similar so when it would flip to a different POV I did have rewind because it started not making sense. I really had to focus here. But everyone else's voices were different...even the guys.

In the end, I am so glad I finally got a chance to read/listen to this! It was worth the wait. I adored this couple or our side romance. I loved watching them all fall in love on the open sea. The ending was a little easier than I imagined, but it was nice to see them beat the odds and free Rory and her cousin. I'll give this 4 stars. 

- #42 for Audiobook challenge


Blodeuedd said...

She looks so cool

vvb32 reads said...

Sounds great, especially with the sea theme :-)

Jen Twimom said...

Yea! I'm so happy for you to finally get to this one. It sounds like it was worth the Audible credit!

Melliane said...

Itt's been so long that I've read one of her books

Carole Rae said...

B, she was fun and eccentric!

vvb32, agreed! I love the theme!

Jen, yesss I think so too.

Melliane, you must read one soon ;)