Wednesday, July 21

Audiobook Review: Alien Knight Blind Date Disaster by Becca Brayden

Author: Becca Brayden
Narrator:  Teddy Hamilton
Title: Alien Knight Blind Date Disaster
(Lumerian Knights #3)
Genre: SciFi, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published: August 22nd 2020
Where I got It: Audible

Honorable Lumerian Knight Falden Corshivad has sacrificed everything for his people. Legend even among his own kind, he has vowed to protect and preserve all that is left of their ancient heritage. Keep their existence hidden from the enemies that destroyed his planet. Enemies that continue to hunt for survivors.

Falden knows the recent attack on Earth was meant to flush the Lumerian Knights out of hiding. So, when Isabella Serrano, a nosy investigative reporter, starts digging a little too deeply into the recent events, he knows that for the safety of everyone, he must do whatever it takes to find out what she knows. Stop her from revealing the Knights at any cost. Even seduce her.

Unfortunately, Falden has spent the past two thousand years out of the dating scene. And worse, he has no understanding of human courting rituals. Luckily, his most trusted Knights have found the perfect guide in a popular men’s blog; “The Nice Guy’s Guide to the Hook-Up.” Results guaranteed! He will follow the instructions to the letter, even if every single one of the items on the list goes against his honor and belief as a Knight. He will win this woman over and seduce her into revealing her secrets.

With help from “The Nice Guy’s Guide to the Hook-Up", what could possibly go wrong?

Randomly stumbled upon this freebie in Audible. I needed a pure Sci-Fi romance for my reading challenge so I gave it a go. 

We follow Falden who is an honorable Lumerian Knight. He has sacrificed everything for his people. He has vowed to protect what is left of their ancient heritage and keep their existence hidden from the enemies that destroyed his home planet. He knows the recent attack on Earth was meant to flush him and his soldiers out, so when the investigator, Isabella, starts poking around and looking too deeply into the recent events, he knows that he must stop her. Even if that means seducing her. Isabella is set to meet a contact of hers on a fake blind date, so Falden brushes up his dating skills to try and win her over and reveal what she knows. 

Whoooops. Stumbled into book 3. Psssh. I am so bad. I swore I checked...oh well, it did fine as a standalone. You can tell there are other characters and couples that we missed out on, but this did fine.

It took me a minute to really get into this. I struggled at the beginning. Yes, I know Falden is acting like a jerk because of that damn dating book and Isabella is suffering through the terrible date because she thinks he is her contact for info...but it drove me insane. She wanted to smack him and I wanted to smack him....GAH. BUT she  was lusting over him even when he was acting like a D word. WHY????? Just because he has a hot body and a hot face....why? He was nothing but mean!!!!! Sure, as the reader we know better, but she should've threw her drink in his face and storm off. 

Even when they realized who was who and that it was fake and all the drama started, they didn't trust each other but they were quick to jump into bed and etc the moment they could. Okayyyyyyyy I guess....but the man was injured from saving her. I don't care how legendary you are or how are hurt. No one bangs when they are bleeding out to the point that they pass out from the blood loss. SIGHS. 

Things DID get better after the first few. They actually for real talked and actually liked each other. I could finally get behind them as a couple. Thank goodness. 

The narrator was great. Loved his voices. Esp for some of the bad aliens. Creepy! Loved it! They worked perfect. 

In the end, I struggled with the beginning and them as a couple. Things got way better so I am glad I didn't give up. This ended up really fun and I am curious about the beginning novels and anything after this. So maybe I shall check them out one day ;) I'll give this 3 stars. 

- #41 for Audiobook challenge
- #20 for Romance Bingo - Sci-Fi


Melliane said...

A bit too bad for the beginning...

Carole Rae said...

Yaaaa the beginning was rough.

Blodeuedd said...

damn, I needed a sci fi romance

Jen Twimom said...

The things we do for Romance Bingo!

Carole Rae said...

B, good luck!

Jen, hahaha right?