Thursday, July 15

Book Review: Rebel Hard by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Title: Rebel Hard
(Hard Play #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 409
Published: September 18th 2018 
Where I Got It: Borrow from library

Nayna Sharma agreed to an arranged marriage in the hope it would heal the fractures in her beloved family… only to realize too late that a traditional marriage is her personal nightmare. Panicked, she throws caution to the winds, puts on the tiniest dress she can find, and ends up in the arms of a tall, rough-edged hunk of a man who has abs of steel—and who she manages to mortally insult between one kiss and the next.

Abandoned as a child, then adopted into a loving family, Raj Sen believes in tradition, in continuity. Some might call him stiff and old-fashioned, but he knows what he wants—and it’s a life defined by rules… yet he can’t stop thinking about the infuriating and sexy woman who kissed him in the moonlight then disappeared. When his parents spring an introduction on him, the last woman he expects is her. Beautiful. Maddening. A rulebreaker in the making.

He’s all wrong for her. She’s all wrong for him. And love is about to make rebels of them both.

EEEEEE! Book 2! Been waiting for this one for a bit! I liked book 1 a lot and I've been wanting Nayna's and Raj's tale!

Nayna agreed to an arranged marriage in the hopes that it would help heal the hurts in her family. However, she has created her own personal hell and nightmare with this promise. In order to find some peace, she throws caution to the wind by putting on her tiniest dress and allows a stranger with abs of steel to kiss her. Those arms belong to Raj. He was abandoned as a child and is adopted into a great family. In order to please that family, he agrees to an arranged marriage. Yet, he can't stop thinking about that kiss with that stranger. The two meet again after their parents arrange an introduction to each other as a possible marriage match. 

This gave me anxiety. Lots of it. Why? I JUST WANTED THEM TO GET MARRIED AND START HAVING CUTE BABIES but Nanya was so pig-headed. Sure Raj was a little bit of a jerk, but she started it after that kiss. Gah. 

I enjoyed this anxiety though. I knew it was going to be very sweet and melt my heart when they finally got past their issues and agreed to be together. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! They deserved love so much esp Raj. Poor guy suffered so much rejection. Gah! Brought a tear to my eye. 

I did get very angry at Nayna. Sure, sure, I get why she had her issues with Raj and following through on her promise to an arranged marriage, but she was very mean a couple of times to Raj. It even seemed slightly out of character and Raj just...forgave her SO quickly. Yes, yes, love is blind....but I feel like this gives the wrong message to readers. It bugged me that Raj would cave so easily. Maybe it's because I am biased and I liked Raj a hair more. I don't know. Not sure why her being a B word bothered me so much. I can't really pinpoint WHY it triggered me so much about how mean she would be. 

I'm so glad a certain side character found love too esp after a reveal. Poor thing!

Overall, this was really good. Just be prepared to be angry at our H/h here and there, because they are both stubborn butts. And Nayna was a super jerk. Even with my issues with Nayna, I enjoyed it a lot. 3 stars from me. 


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Omg I liked it more than you, madness :D

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I remember liking this one.

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It's pretty good!