Wednesday, May 5

Best of April 2021

Happy May everyone!!!! 

Here are our best of last month!

Best Book of the Month:

Blodeuedd - "I have a hard time choosing a best of book again, every book I have read seems to have been just as good as the previous one. So I will not choose one."

"Had some good contenders this month! It was hard to pick, but I decided on this one. It had me on the edge of my seat!"

Best Movie of the Month:

"Didn't watch too many movies this month but I did really like this one. It was funny!"

"All love to best movie Thunder Force!"

Best TV show of the Month:

Blodeuedd - Shadow and BoneThe Irregulars, & The Way of the Househusband

"Omg, I really fell for Shadow and Bone! Will I read the books? Gods no, I already dnfed one of them. But the tv show worked cos it took out most of those cringe things, also it had Ben Barnes *dreamy eyes*

I also want to mention The Irregulars, not as bingedrooly as the previous series, but I highly enjoyed it

I also have to mention this one, throughout it all I was wtf how is this animated?! It looks bad, but at the same time it was so weird and funny and I could not stop watching."

Carole - Mom

"Been watching this nonstop! I've seen some episodes here and there but never the older ones so I've been binge-watching this like crazy. SO funny. SO heart-warming. SO good."

Best Cover of the Month:

Carole - "So simple, but beautiful and speaks volumes."

Blodeuedd - "Much more stunning in RL!"


Blodeuedd said...

Good month :)

Jen Twimom said...

I should recommend MOM to my daughter who is bored b/c she doesn't have anything good to watch (she's watched a lot!)

Carole Rae said...

B, methinks I agree with you.

Jen, yayyy you'll have to let me know if she likes it.