Friday, August 23

Book Review: The Final Conflict by Gordan McGill

The Final Conflict: Omen III (The Omen #3)
Author: Gordon McGill
Title: The Final Conflict: Omen III
(The Omen #3)
Genre: Horror, Fiction
Pages: 196
Published: March 17th 1980
Where I Got It: My shelf (Gift)

Around the globe, drought, famine and flood are striking down helpless millions. And everywhere there is trouble. Damien Thorn's followers can be found--almost before disaster strikes -- ready to offer aid to the pitiful survivors. Damien, the handsome, thirty-two year old head of one of the world's most powerful corporations... and certain to be president of the United States by the time he is forty. Damien, believed to be the son of Satan, who is relentlessly reaching out to claim the Earth for the forces of darkness... Now is the time of prophecy, the beginnings of the end for mankind. But where is the promised Messiah, to save the world from ultimate evil?

My lord it has been forever and a day since I watched the movies. I remember reading book 1 eons ago. Can barely remember that. But I couldn't resist diving into this when my friend gave this to me. 

The world is plagued from drought, famine, and floods. All because of Damien Thorn and his followers. Damien is the son of Satan and is ready to destroy the world and the promised Messiah. Who can stop this terror? Who would believe this good looking man full of charm and a zest for life is truly evil?

Oooo Damien you evil bastard. People are so blinded by his good looks and charms. He is quickly making his way up in power and plans to run the US in a few years, but first, he has to take care of that Messiah. So little hope. 

I barely remember the movie but this did remind me of a lot of things. And from I remember it does pretty okay following the movie. I did like how there were a few photos there from the movie. Makes me want to backtrack and read/watch the others. 

That girl was an idiot. Wanted to smack her. 

I don't think the priest did enough. Could've saved more lives, but no. *grumbles*

This wasn't scary, but more so creepy. Damien is a creepy guy, but I was intrigued by him as a character. He is for sure evil and knows it. I found his interactions interesting especially when that lady was tossing herself at him. He was all "I can't love...and even if I could I won't." hahaha. He was humorous in some points. 

I think my only issue was the slow narrative. Omg. Let's move it along now. It took 50 or so pages for things to get good. And it's a short book for goodness sakes. 

Overall, if you like the films I would suggest reading this. I am curious about the first 2 books and how closely they follow the movie. I also want to rewatch them. Maybe for Halloween ;) I'll give this 4 stars.  Slow narrative, but still a good read. 


Blodeuedd said...

I remember wanting him to win, mowuahahahah

Melliane said...

I wonder if I know the movie in French

Carole Rae said...

B, hehehehe I wouldn't be opposed.

Melliane, I bet it is!