Thursday, February 28

Audiobook Review: Highland Spitefire by Mary Wine

Highland Spitfire (Highland Weddings, #1)
Author: Mary Wine
Narrator: Antony Ferguson
Title: Highland Spitfire
(Highland Weddings #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: Audiobook
Published: February 2nd 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Xmas Gift)

Passion flares between enemies
Two hotheaded Highlanders, the offspring of feuding lairds, are tricked by the King's Regent into a desperate choice: marry or die. Bhaic MacPherson is more disposed to lead his clan into battle than stay married to the daughter of his enemy. But perhaps the intensity of his feelings has more to do with desire than hostility.

And the Highlands ignite
Ailis Robertson wanted a husband, not a savage-but when her family was faced with a deadly ultimatum, she had no choice. The union of a MacPherson and a Robertson could end three generations of hostilities between the two families, but can bitter rivals truly become lovers?

Thank you to Blodeuedd for this as my xmas gift! :) She spoiled me and got me a few audios a couple xmases ago. 

The story follows Bhaic and Ailis. The two are from feuding lairds. They are tricked by the King's Regent into either getting married and ending the feud or the lairds being killed. Do you blame the Regent? This feud has caused SO MUCH WAR AND DEATH! He wants peace. So the two are rational and get married. However, there is a lot of issues between these two enemies. As there would be. A couple of generations of hate doesn't stop in a single night for sure. 

I felt so bad for Ailis. She really got the crappy end of the deal. SHE has to go with her enemies and live among them. They spit at her and call her names and are asshats to her. Poor girl, but she is strong and she is smart. She realizes the only way to gain their trust is to prove herself and be the bigger person. Kuddos to her. 

Sure Bhaic has his issues too. There is a woman he thinks is hot, but she is the enemy and he is expected to bed her properly. Conflicting emotions for sure. 

I am soooooooooo glad it took an eon for the two to finally love each other. They had the lust but the love and trust are hard earned. Lots of bickering. Lots of hurt feelings. Lots of growing up. I liked it and it felt realistic. 

Grrr I did not like Marcus. Sure, he had his reasons for being horrible to Ailis, but still. He DOES get better at the end there and he actually ends up liking Ailis. Sure. But Grrr and he is the star in book I am unsure about that one. 

I really had no major issues with the story. There was a lot of repeating bits that got annoying. Like yes, I get it and I remember. However, it didn't bug me TOO much. 

The narrator was pretty good. He had a pleasant voice. He had the same girl voice for all the girl voices so you had to be paying attention. Other than that, no issues. I liked him and I want to listen to more. 

Overall, I liked this story. It was good. Only a couple small hiccups, but easy to look past. I am a little unsure of book 2. Marcus rubbbed me the wrong way. Sure he got better, but I was convinced he was up to something. Haha. I'll give this 4 stars. 

Whooo! Highlander *stamps*


Sophia Rose said...

I do enjoy a good acrimonious relationship if it is warranted and it seems that for this pair it works. I need to pick up her books. I read one medieval one and really enjoyed it.

Sounds like the Christmas present was a hit. :)

Carole Rae said...

Yes you must! I want to read/listen to more by this author. just a little unsure of book 2 for this series tho. And yes! B has good taste ;)

Blodeuedd said...

I really like Ferguson, yes his women made me lol first but they work

Carole Rae said...

They do overall for sure