Wednesday, February 6

Wednesday Writing Prompt #13

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is a Wednesday prompt that showcases my responses to the writing prompts in this 300 Writing Prompt book. Just something fun to do! Feel free to join in. I may not share every week, but it is fun to share when I do.

You look outside. Ah, it is snowing! But look closer. Those are not snowflakes falling from the sky! What is it snowing at your house? 


Money is drifting down. All different values. 1 dollars. 5 dollars. 10 dollars. 100 dollars. So many dollars. Enough for everyone. But wait! There is a fist fight! 


So much greed. Such a tragedy. 

I close the curtain with a shake of my head. 

What have you been able to accomplish this year that you are really proud of?

Being more active. 
Building our elliptical has really helped. Sure, I haven't been perfect, but I've been doing SO much better. I walk more and I've been eating better. 

Do you have a tattoo? What is it and why did you get it? If not, would you ever get one? What would the tattoo be, and what would it symbolize to you?

I have a few tattoos. (I'll share the pictures, I'll share them when they were fresh and lovely)

1) Capricorn symbol. My first one I got when I was 18. It's small behind my ear. I got this because, well, I'm a Capricorn and it was a test tattoo to see if I would like it. 

2) Blue jay feather. I have this one on my foot. this was my 2nd one. It hurt soooo bad, but I love it. It is a reminder to keep me grounded. 

3) Scottish Thistle. This is on my left calf. I got this because I love my Scottish roots. 

4) Moon & cat eye. I got this at a fundraiser for the animal pound. It is on my left shoulder. I got colors to make it look like Luna's eye from 'Sailor Moon'

5) Watercolor fan. This is in the middle of my upper back. This is either loved or hated by my peeps. It's funky. I want to add more to this like a ribbon and more colors. It's not done yet. I got this because I love fans. I even have a collection!



Anachronist said...

Your tats - what a lovely collection! I love the watercolor fan the most but the blue jay feather is not bad either!

Carole Rae said...

Thanks Ana! :D I love the fan so much. But it is controversial amongst the people I know. LOL they are either in love with it or hate it.

Blodeuedd said...

I did not know you had that many tats :) I am too scared ;)

Carole Rae said...

Doesn't hurt too bad. Just depends on where you get them at!