Tuesday, January 29

TMST: What things turn you off in a book blurb

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What things turn you off in a book blurb

The book blub is really the thing that is supposed to cement your interest. The book cover draws you and the book blub captures your interest. A bad book blurb can really turn a reader away. 

For me...I would have to say if the book blurb is too long or too short. A long-winded one bores me and a short one doesn't give me enough info to really understand the book. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule.

Also, when the book blurb compares it to another book. For example, saying, "IF YOU LIKED TWILIGHT YOU WILL LIKE THIS" will make me drop the book like it was on fire. -_- Please stand on your own merits. Sometimes I may still read it if it captures my attention enough, but usually, I roll my eyes and walk away. I don't have any issues with it being a touch similar, but let your book stand on its own words. Sure it is a marketing skill and it works on some, but someone who did marketing for a while I can see right through it. 

 Mhmmm...what else? 

OH! Not having the book blurb on the back. Sure it is not a huge deal breaker, but it annoys me to no ends. I don't want to have to open the book to read the blurb. 

oooh Mamyia...


Blodeuedd said...

I hate the IF you loved X you will love this. Omg what if I hated X!

Carole Rae said...

RIGHT!!!!! Like no! Don't do that!!