Tuesday, November 28

Time for TV Tuesday: Victoria (Season 1)

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Been meaning to watch this show for a while, but haven't had a chance since it is not on Netflix and I don't have the change it plays on. When this popped up for free on Amazon Prime I jumped on watching this right away because I was horrified it would be taken away. 

I can't help but love good ol' Victoria and her lover Albert. They were the best and a hope that anyone can find love. 

This started off pretty slow even though there was a lot going on. Victoria trying to find her place as queen among a bunch of sexist old fashioned jerks who just assumed that she would fail. The only one who had faith in her was Lord Mellbourne. He stood by her and helped her. Of course she would fall for him! I would've too. He was the only one who believed her even though she was a woman and very young. But yes, the first couple of episodes dragged along. I get that they were setting up the stage and building the story. Makes sense. 

The rest of the episodes were amazing. I couldn't get enough! I wanted more and I was bummed every time it ended. I was charmed by the actress who plays Vicky and I am damned surprised honestly. She has always been barely okay to me. She shined in this though even with her creepy eye contacts to give her blue eyes. 

The rest of the cast was amazing. It took me a while to warm up to the guy who plays Albert, but I guess that works because we weren't supposed to love Albert right away. No one did. He was hard to love at first and then when he showed his true and warm heart then everyone loved him. Ernest is an adorable rouge with a big heart. Poor guy. 

I also really loved that this followed other characters like the staff. It added a lot to the story. I loved the little romance between Francatelli the cook and Nancy. DEAR WRITERS....PLEASE FIX WHAT YOU BROKE DARNIT! *Shakes fist*

The last episode of the season made me tear-up. They tore my heart apart in two different directions. There was happiness and joy and then sadness and despair. HOW? WHY? WAH! 

This was for sure worth the watch. I am desperate to watch Season 2. I may have to rent it or something. Gah. 

I'll stamp this with 5 stars. Super good! Loved it. 


Blodeuedd said...

Have I watched 2 seasons? Eh...maybe?

Carole Rae said...

Mhmmm making me worried gurl!