Wednesday, November 15

Book Review: Three Men and a Maybe by Katey Lovell

Author: Katey Lovell
Title: Three Men and a Maybe
Genre: Short Story and Romance
Pages: ebook
Published: December 9th 2016
I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

It’s the age-old saying. You wait all day for a bus, and then three come along at once. But proposals? That’s just ridiculous. And yet, on New Year’s Eve, as the countdown finishes and the whole pub erupts in celebrations, Cerys finds herself staring at her ex-fiancĂ©, Ricky. Who just so happens to be kneeling on the floor, ring in hand, asking her to marry him. Again.

And if that weren’t enough, hot barman Angelo, and longtime friend Huw also decide to pop the question. At the exact same time.

Three men, two real contenders, but just one choice. What on earth will she do?

What an insanely cute story that was! I read it in one sitting and I want more! MORE I SAY MORE! *shakes fist*. 

The story follows Cerys (can someone please tell me how on Earth this is pronounced?!) who is all depressed on New Year’s Eve due to her lack of a love life. She agreed to be the DD so her pals could drink. Bless your heart Cerys lol. When midnight strikes, she gets hit with three men who take a knee to propose. D: Look you Cerys…I can’t even get one *grumbles about dumb BF*. But yes, three men from all different points of her life who all want her. 

First there is Ricky who is a blooming idiot. They broke up a while back because of his idiocy. 

Second is Huw (and again…please pronounce this name for me) who has been Cerys friend since High School and was her first. 

Third is her current fling Angelo who is just a guy she made out with who works at the bar a week previous. 

Who shall she choose? Or does she deny all? It was so fun to guess especially after reading little snipbits of their pasts. 

For me? I would be picking Huw. He was a darling and has been at her side for years. You can’t trust Ricky the Idiot and you can’t trust Angelo either. No brainer, but I also have never had three proposals dropped on my lap at the same time. Too much pressure for sure!! Be alone or pick one of them. Mmmm

This was all very cheesy and SO unlikely. 

The ending was cute and I loved it until it just ended. No epilogue? No to be continued? No! You can’t do this to me! *shakes fist* Ugh. So frustrating. It felt so unfinished. It was left open-ended and that works in some stories, but with ones such as these I need a conclusion! And no, she does make a decision (I can’t say what or who), but it was made but I want know if her decision was the right one. WAH!

I should read more by this author for sure. This was a good Holiday read even though we still have some time before Xmas and the New Year. I recommend it for sure. I’ll give this 4 stars. 


Anachronist said...

Strange names but I am pleased you liked it so much. A four!

Blogoratti said...

Sounds like a good read and a delightful review no doubt. Warm greetings!

Blodeuedd said...

I need to read some Holiday books :D

Carole Rae said...

Ana, It was good for a freebie.

Blogoratti, warm greetings too! It was delightful.

B, it is time!