Thursday, July 7

Movie Review: HUSH (2016)

Length: 1h 21min
Released:  8 April 2016
Genre:   Horror, Thriller 
Rating: R
Where I Got It: On Netflix


A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.


Seen this trailer at the theater a while back and it has been on my list to watch. Can't help but love a good horror/thriller! Especially one with an original plot like this.

The girl is a writer, who had is mute and deaf. She decided to move out to the focus on her writing career. WHICH is the number 1 thing to NOT always ends in bloodshed and death. So don't. JUST don't do that. *cough* Anyways *cough*. As she is working on her next book, this crazy serial killer "stumbles" upon her and realizes she is deaf and mute. To him it sounds like a lot of fun! Lets torture the poor deaf girl to the point of lunacy! Well, this writer is not going down without a fight! Hooray! 

What a shitty guy. Yes, yes, murdering is bad all around, but do you really got to play games with her? He should've just slit her throat and moved on with life. Jackass. 

I am super, duper bummed that this was not all silence. I was hoping to experience the whole movie in silence. How awesome? However, 3/4 of the movie had noise and talking and bleh. I wanted the story all in her POV, but alas, that wasn't the way of it and I am super bummed. 

Also, the jackass serial killer took off his mask right away! What? Why writers? He was SO much scarier with the mask on! He creeped me out! But alas....they ruined that.

Poor neighbor guy. Maddie (the deaf girl) really boned him. :( 

There were a couple of jump scares and on-the-edge-of-my-seat moments. Good. There was also a moment when I wanted to puke. Someone, I can't say who, got all their fingers crushed by a foot. Blashfjkahdjkdqwdhqjkwdhj! I can't handle when things happen to fingers or toes. It wigs me out! is technically a spoiler, but for all my animal lovers out there....the cat lives. I was SO worried! 

The acting was done pretty well. I must especially applaud the actress who played Maddie! It was a tough role and she did a good job. I especially love the scene when she is having a moment to herself to think/envision all her options. Nice. Loved it.

In the end, this was good. I was bummed by it not being 100% silent and her POV. Also, the baddie should have kept his mask on the entire time. Other than that this was a good one! If you like horrors/thrillers, I would recommend this one. It is was an original plot and the acting was well done. Now...what to stamp this? I'm super stuck. I think I am going to try something new to help: 

Plot: 5
Screen Writing: 3
Characters: 4
Acting: 4
Costumes: 4
Ending: 5

Working with the numbers, I shall stamp this with 4. 

Re-watch: I would.