Saturday, May 14

Saturday Scribbling Challenge #3

This is a fun little writing challenge that Blodeuedd and I have come up with! We each challenge each other with the selected theme. 

The second challenge is a mix of a photo and a quote. Of course, feel free to join in and share your own stories with the selected theme of the month! challenge to Blodeuedd:

The Ones who Walked Before by Blodeuedd

The gate was falling apart, one last remnant of those who walked before, but these days everyone worshiped the one god. The god brought over by the conquerors. The god who thrived on blood sacrifices and mindless killings. But that it was happened when everyone just fell to their knees and gave up. Gave up in the face of adversity and forgot who they were. And now they kissed the feet of the Mighty Elkins, and worshiped to the sounds of screams in the temples of Akatan.

Ronan could see  smoke in the distance and wondered if this time it would be different. The last rebellion had failed, but this time one of the ones who walked before had risen to lead the rebellion. Not the one whose temple gate Ronan guarded, but another one. The one who gave shelter from the rain, and fed your hunger. All while Ronan stood guard over the one who hugged you close and embraced you in your final hour. But then he did not want to be there, he was no coward, but this was his sacred duty as a Knight of Old. Protect the one who walked before until death. He could not leave, he would not leave.

A dragon roared in the distance, and he knew that rebellion would be crushed. One did not win over the Fire beasts. It was just not done. More of the ones who walked before would have to wake up to win this time. He leaned his head against his staff and sighed. No one came here anymore, they were afraid. They were forgetting and the old ones would never wake. They would remain slaves and the one god would spread his rule of blood worship.

He was the last one. 

He would remain the last one.

Now, Blodeuedd's challenge to me:

The Shadows of Justice by Carole Rae

All his life he dreamed of being a somebody. He dreamed of the crowds calling his name and women swooning at his mere presence. All he wanted was to be loved and wanted. The very thought of it made his heart beat and swell. However, it could never be. He could never be anybody, but a shadow in the night. No one could ever know the powers he possessed. This was not some Marvel or DC comic. This was the real and dark world. People with powers or who thought they had power are ridiculed, mocked, locked away, or simply vanished. Heroes do not exist and are not worshiped like Superman or Batman. Its a fairy-tale. 

Donning his black cloak, he hid in the shadows and made his contribution to the betterment of this world this way. No adoring crowds, just the gurgle of blood and pleading eyes of the evil-doers who harmed the innocent. 

He has no name like the fake heroes of the comics. He is just the shadow of justice that cleans up those who fall through the cracks of Lady Justice's scales. 

A light breeze jostled his cloak as he stood motionless on one of the decaying roofs over this once luminous town. A grim look sat on his face. There were so many bad and evil things in this world and no matter how much he tried he couldn't save everyone and those he did save never gave him a thank you. He wish he could say that no thanks were needed.....but his heart deemed that a lie. All he ever wanted was to be loved and rewarded for his kind gifts to humanity. Would it be easier to just do nothing like everyone else? Ignore the pain and the suffering? It would be, but even though he was a just a shadow and no one knew what he did night after night, he made an oath and a promise to do good and rid the world of darkness.


Blodeuedd said...

On to the next pic :D
Happy hunting!

Carole Rae said...

Woot! That was fun! You took yours to a whole different level than what I thought ;)

Blodeuedd said...

It always does :D
I think not think yours would go that way either :)

Anachronist said...

Very nice stories, girls!

Carole Rae said...

Thankies B! I try to surprise. ;)

And thanks Ana!!!!!