Thursday, March 20

Thursday Book Teaser: The Secrets of Casanova

Happy Thursday! Yet another rainy day over here. Thank goodness. I rather have the rain then the snow. Super tired of seeing that white stuff. *shakes head*

Anyways, I haven't done a TBT in a while, so I thought I would try to get back into the habit. ^.^ Maybe I'll try to get back to posting Cast that Book too. I'll try.

This week I'm going to share a teaser from 'The Secrets of Casanova':


'"The landlady has softened a bit. We have until noon tomorrow to be gone from here."

"Yes, time is crucial," Jacques muttered. He looked at Petrine. "Did you know Dominique intends to join a convent? 'Forbear, lady, forbear,' I bade her."

Petrine turned slowly toward Dominique, rolling his brown eyes in their sockets.

She frowned.

"I smell a skirmish," Petrine said, wagging his finger. "But I don't take sides. Believe me, I know how to hold my tongue."

"Hmm," replied Jacques, arching an eyebrow. He did not look at Dominique but stammered in her general direction. "I've asked this lady to delay her decision. For....just...until tomorrow."

"Until tomorrow?" asked Dominique.'


What are you guys reading?