Friday, March 21

Book Review: The Secrets of Casanova by Greg Michaels

Author: Greg Michaels
Title: The Secrets of Casanova
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, and Adventure
Pages: ebook
First Published: October 19th, 2013 
Where I Got It: Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

"Paris of 1755 is bloated with opportunity. That’s the way Jacques Casanova, an unredeemed adventurer with an ever-surging appetite for pleasure, needs it. But times, men, and gods are changing—and Jacques’ luck is fading. When he is thrust to the center of a profound mystery, he doesn't ask if vice or virtue leads him onward. “After all,” he declares, “a man who asks himself too many questions is an unhappy man.” But as Jacques’ challenges mount, what questions will he ask? What price must he pay to uncover a treasure of inestimable value? Loosely based on Casanova’s life of intrigue, danger, and passion, The Secret's of Casanova will keep you burning the midnight oil."

Like earlier stated, I was given this book for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Ooooooooooooooooooh Casanova! WHAT A ROGUE! However, one can resist his charms even in a book. Greg Michaels truly did his homework on Mr. Casanova. I feel this is the closet representation of the man (from what I know and believe) that I know of. The movie did an okay job, but this book really painted the man wonderfully. Yes, he was a gambler and a lover, but he was also smart. He was a philosopher and technically had a degree in being a lawyer. He was also and foremost and adventurer. 

The adventure that we are taken on was exciting and I was addicted! I needed to know what the next clue was and even though I had a deep foreboding (which would be come true twice over) about what was going to happen, I still plummeted forward, because I needed to know just as badly as Casanova did. The ending did make me mad, BUUUUT I seen it coming. I also understand the symbolism and WHY the author ended it the way he did. Still though...I was not a happy camper and it was a small let down (at least for might see it differently).

The beginning was a little slow, but it was indeed the calm before the storm. Enjoy the slowness, because after a couple of chapters things EXPLODE and the adventure begins. I'm glad the author didn't just jump into the adventure. 

Poor Dominique...can't say much, but I truly connected with her and I felt bad....sighs.

In the end, this was a fun and exciting book. Even though the ending was a small let down for me (personally), I see the wisness and the symbolism behind it. The beginning was a little slow, but it was necessary and I liked it. I recommend this to those who like their historical fiction mixed with some mystery and adventure. I shall stamp this with 4 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): Casanova and Dominique 
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Petrine and Quentin 


Blodeuedd said...

Oh that Casanova

Giselle said...

Wow this sounds like it was intense and fun to try and guess what was going to happen. Too bad you were able to predict the ending but it sounds like it was a fun book regardless! Great review! :)

Carole Rae said...

B, he's such a rogue. lol

Giselle, yeaah but I'm just oddly good at guessing endings. The journey was fun though. Thank you!