Monday, March 3

The Life of No Internet: A Tragedy

As some of you may or may not know over a week ago boyfriend and I moved. We are still waiting for our internet. Sighs. The contractor has to come out and run a cable through to our apartment. For some dumb reason in 2011 the old tenants had to get rid of their internet, so the dumb technician completely removed the cable that leads to that apartment. Some people, eh? Now we have to wait. I am not happy at all! The only way I've been able to come on a couple of times was because I went in early to work, so I can post needed posts and pay my bills and check my email. Yes, I have a smart phone, but I don't trust it when it comes to my bills. I JUST WANT MY INTERNET BACK! WAH!

SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME WHILE I WAIT FOR MY INTERNET TO COME! The guy said the contractor should be here within this week. Hopefully sooner rather then later......

Life sucks without the freedom of the web.

I know I'm pathetic and when I mentally or verbally complain I can't help but mentally slap myself. Life could be worse and I spent most of my life without it.

I have an internet addiction.