Wednesday, March 19

Book Review: Seven for a Secret

Author:Elizabeth Bear
Title: Seven for a Secret (New Amsterdam #2)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Alternate History/What-If, and adventure 
Pages: 128
First Published: January 1st, 2009 
Where I Got It: Borrowed from library

"The wampyr has walked the dark streets of the world's great cities for a thousand years. In that time, he has worn out many names--and even more compatriots.

Now, so that one of those companions may die where she once lived, he has come again to the City of London. In 1938, where the ghosts of centuries of war haunt rain-grey streets and the Prussian Chancellor's army of occupation rules with an iron hand.

Here he will meet his own ghosts, the remembrances of loves mortal--and immortal. And here he will face the Chancellor's secret weapon: a human child."

Again I stumble upon a book and read it out of order. I checked the book and summary and etc but it said no where that this was the second book of the series. Granted it does stand alone alright. Some references and back-story went above my head, but I managed through with little confusion. 

Another what-if story has found its way to me. This what-if is the same as the last one: what-if England lost to the Germans (which are called Prussians in this world) in WWII. However, in this tale there are vampires/wampyrs, witches, and other supernatural beings. The Nazis have taken English girls and are training them to not only be soldiers, but super soldiers who have wolf like senses. Not were-wolves, but enhanced abilities. Very interesting concept. The cover drew me in and the summary had me hooked. 

I really liked it. It was a short novella I suppose, but it was done in a way were it didn't feel rushed.  I really wished that more detail and back-story went into the girls being trained; especially with Ruth. What is she? She is no simple human. I wanted more on her. Did she accomplish her true goal or did she fall into the "pack"? Meeeeeeeh! Maybe they go into a little more detail in the third book. I'll have to read to find out someday. The ending was left to be desired....

There are some talks of this being in the steampunk genre. I don't care for this genre (unless its the Bioshock games on PS3 haha), but this wasn't bad. It wasn't over the top and I didn't even notice it was until I read other reviews and that its placed in that genre. I feel that it doesn't truly belong...the world has magic and supernatural beings. Oh well, I guess.

In the end, this was pretty good. Even though its the second in the series I found myself not too confused. I wish that the author would have expanded this into a novel, because there is so much information lacking. The ending was an okay ending, but it didn't feel like it wrapped up much. I recommend this for those that like magic mixed with what-if tales. Well, I shall stamp this with 4 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): James (I want more back-story on him), Abby Irene (witty old lady), and Ruth
Not-so Favorite Character(s): The Prussians/Nazis/Germans 


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I should try one of her books

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