Sunday, October 28

Born To Be a History Buff?

After reading an interview over at B's blog today, a question formed................................was I born to be a history buff? Right away my answer is: yes. Yes, I was. Here's a list of some of life experiences I have that seem to have pushed me to be the History Geek I am:

  • Parents having a small interest in history
  • My mother being addicted to the old vintage movies and making me watch them
  • My Step-daddy being addicted to war, gangster, and some black and white movies
  • Having some great history/social studies teachers throughout my lifetime
  • My elders forcing me to read Dear America/Royal Diaries/My America books. My mother even had me subscribed me for a while.
  • My Grandpa Carol's house was full of antiques
  • My Grandpa Carol would tell me so many old stories from his life and even of his parent's.

I feel like this is proof enough, but me being a curious beaver I had to look online for possible answers. Could genetics be a huge factor in our interests? 

Many, many family members of mine LOVE history! My mother, my Aunt, my Grandma Hall, and many others. I really couldn't find anything about this theory of mine. I did find one article that makes a microscopic note of this over HERE

My theory seems it could have some merit due to personal experience. I was raised by my mother and my step-daddy and I had little connect (until recently) with my biological dad's family. However, after meeting them a great majority of them have huge interests in history too! For example, my Aunt J (nickname) even worked at a Renaissance Festival in California and she graduated with a degree in history. Her mother, my grandma, has a pretty decent taste in history. 

Life experiences and perhaps genetics plays a role in the interests we hold. I feel this theory of mine can be related to ANY interest we have; be it history, reading, sports, music, fashion, animals, and etc. Perhaps I'll do my own study when I have an over amount of free-time. ^.^

What do you think? Do you feel you were born to be _________? 


Blodeuedd said...

I love history, but why I do not know. No one in my family are history buffs.

But I think it might be cos I always loved books and my mum read to me. By loving books I found mythology, and this being when I could not even read. I listened to tapes and fell asleep to Greek mythology, and children's tales too of course. Lol, I do not think my mum had listened to those tapes but I loved them

Carole Rae said...

I was always pressured to read books and from that I loved them too. My mom likes to read romances once in a great while.