Monday, October 22

An Extremely Late Friday Flash Fiction

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 or so words.

So sorry this is extremely late. I forgot to post this yesterday. I literally worked 12 hours and when I got home at 8:30 pm, I watched 'Once Upon a Time' and the finally of 'Copper'. After that I crashed. Hahaha. I zonked out and I woke up feeling great until I realized I have a load of homework to do. >.> Oh well. Here's my long-awaited story for this week.

The Long Wait (A Lord of the Rings variation)
by: Carole Rae

"The time of the Elves is over...."

With a sigh she let the flower fall from her hands. It drifted slowly in the light, perfect breeze. Slowly it fell down beyond her sight. This new world was every thing the legends had said it would be. It was utter paradise. Perfect in every way. Like the elves, the flowers never died unless plucked from the branch. Never did the land have to suffer war or horrible storms. This land did not have to suffer the Dark Lord like Middle Earth; his evil powers could never reach this land no matter how he wished it. However, once one came here, they could never return to Middle Earth. The magic here protected itself this way.

Her gaze shifted to the floating city across the way. That city held the high born Elves. Once Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel came they would live there. They would end up like the rest of the higher Elves...they would rarely be seen anymore. Her own father lived there, but she refused to live in seclusion there for decades at a time. She had to wait for him. He promised he would follow her to Aman once the Dark Lord was ended forever. With each passing day, her heart sank. What if he died in the wars? What if he found another lover and decided to stay? She shook her head to stop the poisonous thoughts. If she allowed such thoughts to flow through her mind, she would lose her sanity.

“He will probably never come, Lady Anetha.” A velvety voice whispered behind her. She slowly turned and glared at the man who dared tempt her with such negative thoughts. He was tall with long blonde hair. He was one of Lady Galadriel's top generals who came over to Aman years ago.

“He shall. Unlike you he has a loyalty to make sure Middle Earth is save before he leaves it forever.”

He chuckled, “I am sorry to offend you my Lady,” He bowed and looked up at her with shining cobalt eyes, “But if I were to have your heart, I would abandon everything to be with you. Leave Middle Earth to its fate for instance.”

Anetha shook her head, “Leave me alone. You think you are funny teasing me so.” She quickly turned back around and hoped he would leave.

Lightly he touched her long, ebony hair and whispered, “I do not mean to offend or tease you Lady Anetha...but I hate to see you wait an eternity for a man that may never find his way to Aman. There are few boats left, so his chances are slipping away like the waves on the sand.” Before Anetha could say anything he was gone as silently as he came.

“He will come. I know just know it.”


Hours passed and the sun was beginning to fade away. Anetha sadly watched the sky. The different hues of blue, pink, and gold helped aid how beautiful Aman was. However, Anetha could only morn over how she was stuck her forever and possibly never see Fingon again. What if Luinwe was right? What if Fingon misses the last ship to leave Middle Earth?

The day was drawing to a close and the last ship of the day had reached shore hours ago and all the passengers had long ago left shore and made their ways to their final destinations; their last home until the end of the world.

Anetha took a deep breathe and began to walk away. After a couple steps though, she halted and stared at a dark, male figure leaning against the wall. A hood was pulled over his face. The blood in her veins froze, “Fingon?”

The man pushed his way from the wall, “My lady.” He bowed and pulled the hood away from his beautiful face. He slowly returned to his full height and timidly smiled at her.

Anetha squealed and jumped into his embrace. She kissed him for all she was worth. She kissed him with all the love and hurt she had felt these many moons without him in her sight. At first he was rather surprised at her attack, but slowly he put his arms around her waist and soaked in her kiss. Tears from both of them fell down their cheeks as they stood there sharing their love and pain.

Even though the time of the Elves on Middle Earth was coming to end, the Elves' stories would never cease. They will continue to love and live until the end of time.  



Blodeuedd said...

Aww I wish I was an elf in Middle Earth

Carole Rae said...

I know! *daydreams* I would be a very short elf....but oh well. lol

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oooh. I really loved this picture and would have loved to wrote to it. Great job!

Carole Rae said...

Isn't it lovely? My friend showed me this pic and I sent it right away to Dottie. Thanks!