Tuesday, October 23

Bookish Blog Hop & Jane Austen's Novels

Happy Tuesday! As you may know, I finally accomplished a goal of mine....I read all of Jane Austen's novels! I still have her short writes to read, but oh well. Now I'll give my official opinions of the Austen world. Woot woot.

Favorites from Best to Least:
-Mansfield Park
-Pride and Prejudice (tied for third)
-Northanger Abbey (tied for third)
-Sense and Sensibility

Favorite Heroines from Best to Least:
-Elizabeth Bennet
-Fanny Price
-Anne Elliot
-Catherine Morland (tied)
-Elinor Dashwood (tied)
-Emma Woodhouse
-Marianne Dashwood

Favorite Men from Best to Least:
-Captain Wentworth (*drools*)
-Mr. Darcy (^.^)
-Colonel Brandon
-Edward Ferrars
-Henry Tilney
-Mr. Knightly
-Edmund Bertram

Jane Austen is one of the best authors ever. After reading her novels, the evidence is clear as day as to why she is so highly remembered. Her novels has lasted so long and they'll still be remembered for hundreds of years to come. Hopefully my future kids will love her like I do.

Next on my list? I'm going to watch a version of 'Emma' and 'Northanger Abbey'. Now I'm going to re-watch 'Jane Austen Book Club', which I watched a while back, but missed some of the inside jokes because I had only read a couple of the novels. Exciting!


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Blodeuedd said...

I adore Persuasion :D Awwwww

SF said...

First, I love that my cursor has turned into a cuddly ghost.

Second, CONGRATS on reading all of Austen!!!! That is a goal of mine too, though right now I am paused a quarter of the way into S&S (actually enjoying it, so I wonder if it will come up last with me as well... Though I absolutely see why Marianne might have displeased you.)

And...wow...Fanny Price? Isn't she supposed to be, like the most unlikable heroine ever? Or do I have her mixed up with someone else?

Also, incidentally, we just posted about something that sounds like it would fit right into your celebrations.


Carole Rae said...

B, me too! It's my favorite. ^.^

Susan, I loooove that cursor and I was so glad when I found it.

Thanks Susan! I hope you like S&S better then I did, but Marianne made me beat my head against the wall. haha.

Yeaaaah, Fanny and Emma are the two "hated" heroines, it's a tie, but I really liked Fanny.

Okay! I'll check out your post! Thanks so much for visiting mine. Good luck on your Austen reading goal. ^.^