Saturday, May 26

Flash Saturday aka Friday

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be at least 350 words, give or take. 

I'm a bad coconut...this was meant to be posted yesterday. B is a bad influence on me. *winks* haha. This isn't my best, but I'm in love with it. Hope you like it too:

by: Carole Rae

Tears ran down her face as she sat at the red light. What was the point? Why bother? She questioned over and over again. She loved him with every fiber of her being, but he made a fool out of her. They all did. She thought he liked her back, but he didn't. He lied to her and embarrassed her in front of everyone she has known since she was in diapers. Why did he have to do that? Stupidly she had gained up the nerve to ask Bryan to the prom and he said yes. Yes! That was the highlight of her life! The moment the last school bell rang she went home to ask her Papa if she wear her late Mama's gown. She explained to him that Bryan was the man of her dreams and perhaps he was her true love. He agreed and they had the dress altered to fit perfectly.

A week later the prom arrived. He said they'd meet there because Football practice would run a little late and he didn't want to keep her waiting and miss a “single second of the best night of your life.” She recalled how those words made her weep for joy, but now she wept out of sorrow. How could he do that me?

As she made her grand entrance down the grand staircase, she glanced everywhere for him. Finally, he waved to her and yelled for to come to him. Without a glance anywhere else she kept walking. If only I hadn't been so blinded by love! Within a couple of feet she seen just a glimpse of Bryan's teammates heave a bucket over her head. Pink paint came splashing down. Laughs exploded and her heart stopped. Her love, her hope, her dreams were scattered. Without a moment to waste, she escaped from the horror of that moment. She ran back up the stairs and out to her car. She could still hear the laughter as she zoomed off. The broken pieces of her heart scraped and hurt her. Why? What did I ever do to them?

Once the light turned green, she stepped on the peddle. She looked to her left and saw an extremely bright light heading towards hers. Every moment of her life flashed in front of her eyes and once the moment her descent on the staircase arrived, everything stopped as the light overtook her.

She awoke and she could feel the sand on her hands and legs. After a moment of shock, she stood up. There was a sunset in the sky and all the previous pain was gone. Where am I? She wondered.

A man walked towards her and kissed her hand, “You're finally where you belong, Princess.” Her shock obviously pleased him, because he smiled, “Welcome home.”

She smiled and all the pain Bryan and his friends caused seemed to slip away like the tide on the shore. Without much hesitation, she followed the man to her fairytale she really did deserve.




Blodeuedd said...

Hey do not blame me! Actually do blame me, I think this week is a lost cause for me :/

Awwww, awwww some more :D at the end

Carole Rae said...

lol, but it was nearly a lost cause for me this week too. :)<3s

carol said...

Glad she got a happy ending. That Bryan was an amazing jerk.

Carole Rae said...

Yeah, Bryan and his friends are butts. They represent hatred in my eyes.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hey! I like this ending. She got her fairy tale. :D Great story. :)

Carole Rae said...

She deserved a happily ever after even if it did end her death.