Saturday, October 22

Today is History + The End of the World Averted (Again) + Liebster Award

Happy Saturday everyone! It seems like its going to be a nice day and I have to work at 2pm. Booo. Oh well, better than being a zombie on the midnight shift. Anyways....I just wanted to post today because the world has avoided another predication of the End of the World.  *sighs* Why bother announcing the date that the world will end because in the end you will always end up either the bad guy or the idiot. Why do I say that? If you are right everyone dies and you are the bad guy that jinked us. If you are wrong you are going to look like an idiot/fool. No more predications! I beg of you (and you know who I'm taking to)!

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to thank Lieder Madchen for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award. *sniff sniff* I'm so honored to win an award. I never win any awards. I'll soon have my list of winners in the next few days. It'll be hard to only pick 5 *chews lip*.

If you're wondering what this award is all about, I'll tell awards good blogs that only have 200 or less followers. It gives these baby blogs some sunlight and love. Just like a baby tree in the forest (mind me, I just woke up). Well, once you will this from a fellow blogger, you do the honors and award 5 other blogs you think deserve this award.

ANYWAYS, now I'll share some events that happened on today's date, because since the world survived again, it's time to appreciate a little world history:

 ~Peyton Randolph dies, 1775, American Revolution

~President Kennedy announces blockade of Cuba during Missile Crisis, 1962, Cold War

 ~My favorite gangster, Pretty Boy Flloyd, is killed by the FBI in 1934 *sniff sniff*

~A coal mine in New Mexico explodes, 1913

~The first parachutist uses the parachut, 1797

~Today is Jeff Goldblum's birthday! He was born in 1952

~Franz Liszt is born in 1811 (he's a pianist and composer)

~American forces suffer first casualties in the Vietnam War, 1957

~President Thieu turns down peace proposal, 1972

~Germans capture Langemarck during the First Battle of Ypres during WWI in 1914

~Allies in WWII confer secretly about Operation Torch, 1942

Well, I hoped you liked today's little history reminder. Have a great weekend you guys!



Blodeuedd said...

Goldblum is that old? Oh when did that happen

Congrats on your award :D

Carole Rae said...

hahaha yeah. I didn't think he was that old either. Huh he looks pretty good for his age. And thanks! I was super surprised!