Monday, October 17

Music Monday

Happy Monday! Ahhhh Mondays are so....Mondayish. Is that a word? doesn't matter, so how are you all doing? I'm doing okay I'm still not feeling that great and I'm super tired because I'm still adjusting to the afternoon shift at work. I didn't think the switch from Midnights to Afternoons would be this hard. Eh.

This is the new song from Adele Someone Like You. I really like it. I've been humming this a lot:

I have two reasons for posting this...1) I love me some collabs starring historical based movies/shows and 2)I like this song and it's been playing in my head while reading 'Heart of the Falcon'. This was created by xAllAboutHistoryx:

Part 01: 25djadja (Achilles/Briseis - Troy)
Part 02: IrisMn7 (Pope Joan)
Part 03: jonaslovato92 (Anne Boleyn)
Part 04: KillerMadchen (Daenerys Targaryen)
Part 05: Twinkle988 (Balian)
Part 06: xMeredith248x (Marie Antoinette)
Part 07: xxOiseaudecirexx (Katherine)
Part 08: BlackCousins4life (Robin/Guy)
Part 09: LadyC189 (Merlin)
Part 10: xMeredith248x (Victoria)
Part 11: DerOderDasFake (Phantom of the Opera)
Part 12: angel6881 (Cecilla/ Robbie)
Part 13: Merenhenki (Tamina)

Now here's my weekly funny's a scene from 'Family Guy'. Hahahaha it connects (oddly enough) with the two books I'm reading.