Friday, March 19

Book Review: The Golden Gryphon and the Bear Prince by Jeffe Kennedy

Author: Jeffe Kennedy
Title: The Golden Gryphon and the Bear Prince
(Heirs of Magic #1)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 278 
Published: January 25th 2021
Where I Got It: My shelf (gift)

A Legacy of Honor

Crown Prince Astar has only ever wanted to do the right thing: be a credit to his late-father’s legacy, live up to his duties as heir to the High Throne of the Thirteen Kingdoms, and cleave to the principles of honor and integrity that give his life structure—and that contain the ferocious grizzly bear inside. Nowhere in those guiding principles is there room for the fierce-hearted, wildly free-spirited, and dizzyingly beautiful shapeshifter, Zephyr. Still, even though they’ve been friends most of their lives, Astar is able to keep Zephyr safely at arm’s length. He’s already received a list of potential princess brides who will make a suitable queen, and Zephyr is not on it.

A Longtime Obsession

Zeph has wanted the gorgeous, charming, and too-good-for-his-own-good Astar for as long as she can remember. Not that her longing for him—and his perfectly sculpted and muscular body—has stopped her from enjoying any number of lovers. Astar might be honorably (and foolishly) intent on remaining chaste until marriage, but Zeph is Tala and they have no such rules. Still, she loves Astar—as a friend—and she wants him to at least taste life before he chains himself to a wife he didn’t choose. There’s no harm in him having a bit of fun with her. But the man remains stubbornly elusive, staving off all of her advances with infuriatingly noble refusals.

A Quest to Save the World
But things change when a new terror threatens the Thirteen Kingdoms. Following prophecy, Astar and Zeph—along with a mismatched group of shapeshifter, warrior, and sorceress friends—go on a quest to stop a magic rift before it grows beyond anyone’s ability to stop. Thrust together with Zephyr, Astar finds himself increasingly unable to resist her seductive invitations. And, in the face of life and death battles with lethal monsters, he begins to lose sight of why having her, just once, is such a terrible idea 

I feel like I have read something by this author but it has been a long time. And honestly...I think I have only read some short stories. Mmm. I can't remember. But yes - I was drawn in by this book especially because of that cover. I lovvvvvveeeee that cover!

We follow Astar and Zeph. Astar is the Crown Prince and he always wants to do the right thing and live up to his father's legacy. Zeph has loved Astar for as long as she can remember, but they are just friends. However, she wants him to have a taste of freedom and life before he chains himself to a wife he didn't choose, but he is stubbornly elusive. Things change when a new terror threatens the Thirteen Kingdoms. Following prophecy, Astar, Zeph, and a mismatched group go on a quest to stop the magic rift. 

This started off sooooo slow. Like super slow. I had such a rough time at first. I nearly gave up. BUT things did get better at the halfway point.

After a certain event, I did get invested. I was still meh about Astar and Zeph, but I was curious to see what was going to happen. 

Honestly...I liked our side characters more than our main characters. They were more entertaining. Don't get me wrong...I didn't loath Astar or Zeph...but I didn't like them as a possible item. Zeph is pushy and Astar is too stubborn. They need to be with other people. 

Not sure if I'm going to continue with the series. I am curious. We shall see. 

Again....I love the cover! The colors are so bold and pretty!

In the end, this started off super slow, but I'm glad I didn't quit. The ending was fun and I did enjoy following our crew during their quest. I also loved our side characters more than our hero/heroine. Overall, I'll give this 2 stars. Some good parts, but I do not think I would continue the series. 

- #11 for Romance Bingo - Water on the cover (looks like an ocean)


Blodeuedd said...

I am starting to think that I would not have wanted to meet all at once, instead ease into it

Jen Twimom said...

Even though this is a new series, it's part of a larger "world," so I wonder if some of the issues stem from not knowing the background. The original series is fabulous!

Carole Rae said...

B, same.

Jen, I am curious about maybe older books and if it would help.