Tuesday, January 26

TMST: Re-Reads

Do you reread? And are you ever tempted to change your ratings when you do?

Yes!! I love reread books. I do not do it as much as I used to when I was a teen and had zero life. I will reread once or twice a year. I also will give second chances once and twice a year for novels I was not too crazy about. 

I will absolutely change ratings if I feel like my opinion changed. Especially with second chance novels. If I still hated it...I won't share it again or update my rating....but if I did like it more (even a hair more) I will share it and update the rating higher. Usually my rereads are for books I LOVED, so the rating usually never changes. There are rare times when I just didn't like it AS much so I may drop it a hair. That is a rarity though. 


Melliane said...

Before blogging and buying that many books, I used to do that. Now? I don't have the time to do so

Jen Twimom said...

I'm with Linda... I just don't have the time to really re-read for fun with reviewing and blogging. Usually my re-reads are a different media... I read the ebook and then listen to the audiobook, so I will write a review for both and sometimes the ratings will be different.

RO said...

I've been known to re-read romance novels back in the day, but now, I re-read mostly cookbooks!(lol) I still have a massive TBR pile that I could probably never even finish in this lifetime because I keep adding on. Hope all is well! Hugs, RO

Blodeuedd said...

Second chances to not so and so books, you are brave! :D

Carole Rae said...

Mellliane, oh yes - with blogging I have little time now.

Jen, I should do that. Do different audios.

RO, cookbooks are fun!

B, haha I've been less brave lately ;)

Sophia Rose said...

With Anne's Readalongs, I've had the opportunity to do more re-reading than I have in a while. They tend to be books I loved in the first place, but I've added the audio dimension so I feel the ratings might actually go up.
Good point about ratings changing for giving books second chances. I haven't flipped through my DNF for now stack in a while and I might be in a different mood these days to appreciate one or two.

Carole Rae said...

How fun!! And yess - it's been a min for DNFs for me. I should do one soon.