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Book Review: How to Catch an Errant Earl by Amy Rose Bennett

Author: Amy Rose Bennett
Title: How to Catch an Errant Earl
(The Disreputable Debutantes #2)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 336 
Published:  April 28th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

A debutante with a scandalous past is whisked away from London only to create new headlines on the Continent.

After being expelled from a young ladies’ academy, it seems Miss Arabella Jardine will never find a well-connected husband. Not that she minds. A bluestocking at heart, she’d rather bury her nose in a medical text than wed. When Arabella is forced to accompany her family on a Grand Tour in Switzerland, she unexpectedly encounters the irresistible rakehell-in-exile, Gabriel, the Earl of Langdale. Arabella soon realizes the only thing worse than getting married to a charismatic but unrepentant rake would be to fall in love with him.

Dubbed the Errant Earl by the ton, Gabriel Holmes-Fitzgerald is no stranger to scandal. However, when Gabriel is caught in flagrante with the utterly delectable Arabella Jardine, he’s obliged to offer for her hand. He’ll endeavor to do the right thing even though he’s not a prize catch. He’ll certainly never let Arabella get close enough to discover the demons of his dark past. Indeed, there is one particular demon out to destroy Gabriel by exposing a long-buried family secret.

Soon Gabriel and Arabella find they are not just battling overwhelming desire, but in a fight to save their future together.

The first two were really good and I was excited when I saw this on Amazon for very cheap during Xmas time so I picked it up. 

We continue with the next girl of the Disreputable Debutants, Arabella. Arabella is convinced she will never find a well-connected husband. She is a bluestocking at heart and she wishes she could be a doctor like her grandfather was. She is forced to accompany her family on a Grand Tour of Switzerland. While there she bumps into Gabriel, the Earl of Langdale. He is no stranger to scandal, however, when he and Arabella are caught in a compromising situation, he is obliged to offer for her hand. They soon must battle together to find love and their future when someone is out to destroy Gabriel and take the Earldom from him. 

I loved these two together. It was so sad that it took so long for the love. Arabella does catch the feelings first, but Gabriel is convinced he cannot love so it took him way longer to realize he loves her...even though it was there the whole time. I wanted to shake him but you can for sure understand WHY he doesn't believe he CAN love or even believes in love. Grrrr to that father of his. 

Arabella did annoy me too once in a while. I wanted to shake her. She has extremely low self-esteem WHICH I get. But it did get old especially near the end when it is obvious he doesn't care how she looks or that she has a big brain. She was quick to believe the worst. He never was ONCE dishonest with her so I don't get why she was so quick to believe he would lie. He never once did so it was really annoying. I'm surprised she even believed Gabriel when he told her the real story there. But again...I do understand why when you find out about her past and what happened to her. Plus that aunt of hers was a total witch. Terrible. I did really want Arabella to have a moment with the aunt and have that closure. Maybe in the future. It would be lovely. was really annoying how she treated Gabriel who honestly never lied to her about his past or what his thought process was even when he knew it was not pleasant, he was honest. 

The big drama of the cousin trying to steal the title was very interesting and I was not sure how it was going to be resolved. When it did seem like it was resolved...I was annoyed. It seemed overly simple. But then there is was a twist and our baddie was not going out without a fight. That made me happy to have that last bit of conflict. Can't spoil it but I'm glad the twist happened...I was going to be real mad if it was so simply resolved. 

I did read the ebook version of this. I know I said I was going to do the audio but it wasn't available yet and the ebook was on sale soooo yaaaa. I did enjoy it but I loved that narrator of the first book. Maybe the third ;) 

Overall, I did really like this. I had some issues with Arabella. I can understand the WHY she has low self-esteem, but she had no reason to not believe Gabriel. He was honest with her from day one. I can't wait for book 3! I'll give this 3 stars. 

- #2 for Romance Bingo


Melliane said...

Ah yes I can understand the problem with the character

Jen Twimom said...

I do love a good bluestocking heroine. But I heard similar complaints from others about this one. Maybe the next book will be better.

Blodeuedd said...

Dang, you snagged an Earl! ;)

Sophia Rose said...

I get testy when someone goes all drama for no reason like him never lying and suddenly she can't believe him. Sounds like they both came with baggage. Glad they found their HEA.

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, it got old really quick.

Jen, yessss I can't wait for the next.

B, hehehee

Sophia, a LOT of baggage. I am happy they found their HEA too.