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Audiobook Review: The Rebel Pirate by Donna Thorland

The Rebel Pirate (Renegades of the Revolution)
Author: Donna Thorland
Narrator: Angela Brazil
Title: The Rebel Pirate
(Renegades of the American Revolution)
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 416 
Published: March 4th 2014
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

1775, Boston Harbor. James Sparhawk, Master and Commander in the British Navy, knows trouble when he sees it. The ship he’s boarded is carrying ammunition and gold…into a country on the knife’s edge of war. Sparhawk’s duty is clear: confiscate the cargo, impound the vessel and seize the crew. But when one of the ship’s boys turns out to be a lovely girl, with a loaded pistol and dead-shot aim, Sparhawk finds himself held hostage aboard a Rebel privateer.

Sarah Ward never set out to break the law. Before Boston became a powder keg, she was poised to escape the stigma of being a notorious pirate’s daughter by wedding Micah Wild, one of Salem’s most successful merchants. Then a Patriot mob destroyed her fortune and Wild played her false by marrying her best friend and smuggling a chest of Rebel gold aboard her family’s ship.

Now branded a pirate herself, Sarah will do what she must to secure her family’s safety and her own future. Even if that means taking part in the cat and mouse game unfolding in Boston Harbor, the desperate naval fight between British and Rebel forces for the materiel of war—and pitting herself against James Sparhawk, the one man she cannot resist.

This IS technically book 2 of the series, but all the books stand out on their own. I've read book 1 and book 3, so it seemed right to check this one out as well. 

The story follows Sarah Ward and James Sparhawk. James is the Master and Commander of a ship in the British Navy. He commenders a ship that is carrying ammunition and gold for the colonies that are on the verge of war. He soon finds himself held hostage aboard a Rebel pirate ship and is at the mercy of Sarah. Sarah is the daughter of a notorious pirate who turned legit. She never intended to break the law, but her former fiance smuggled Rebel gold aboard her family's ship and now she is labeled a pirate herself. She must do what she can to secure her family's safety and her own future, but can she really resist James Sparhawk?

This was a lot of fun. LOTS of layers here. I had no idea how everything was going to be okay for these two lovers especially when the war starts and things become even more complex. You know they will get their HEA...but how? Crazy, crazy stuff especially when Trent walks in. 

Can I admit something....I kinda wanted her and Trent (Spell?) to get together. I KNOW I KNOW. I liked James...I did....but there is something about Trent (spell?) that edged him a little further even after the truth about his past came out. 

I also love the little side romance we got to see a glimpse of. I would honestly LOVE to see more of that. It is shocking and fun. Maybe a short story??? I want to know HOW they met and become lovers. 

But this was a fun read. I really enjoyed it. The insta-lust was a little meh for me...but it was needed for how fast-paced things would become. If they didn't have that lust and general fondness of each other then they would've just walked away and never had another thought about each other. SOOOOOO it worked in the long scheme of things. 

The narrator was fantastic. Loved her! 

Overall, totally worth the read. I liked the characters and this was addictive. I had to know how everything was going to work out. I'll give this....4 stars. 


- #16 for Audiobook Challenge


Jen Twimom said...

Wow! Glowing review. I've never really been a big reader of historicals set in the Americas - maybe because it reminds me of school?

Blodeuedd said...

But who is Trent ?

Carole Rae said...

Jen, it could! But I was a weirdo and was obsessed with my history courses and they were my favorite times in school!

B, I can't say ;) It is a spoiler!

Sophia Rose said...

Oh now this sounds like a fun one with their backgrounds and that setting. Thanks for putting me onto it, Carole.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, yess! It was fun! The entire series has fun characters and settings.