Tuesday, November 26

Blog All About It: Little Kid Books I Am Thankful For

This month's prompt is:  THANKFUL

Happy November! It is that time of the month again for a prompt! What to talk about or share? Mmmm....I already did a post about what I am thankful for...so that idea is already burned. MmmmmmMMMmmmmmmm

Okay. I know what I am going to do! EEEE!

I am going to share the little kid books I am truly thankful for. They helped me become the reader I am today! I am just going to do little, little kid books that had mainly only pictures and easy words. 

Image result for ten in a bed book

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Image result for serendipity book Image result for Misty Morgan Stephen Cosgrove

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Image result for green eggs and ham  Image result for amelia bedelia books 1990s


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Carol said...

I love Bunnicula. And we read/watched a lot of the Magic School Bus series when Amber was little.

Blodeuedd said...

I recognize the rainbow fish! Though I am unsure if I have read it

Carole Rae said...

Carol, so goo!

B, :) Love that fish

Sophia Rose said...

Saw some of my favs that I enjoyed reading to the kids and they asked for repeatedly. Eric Carle!!!!

Carole Rae said...

Awww! These are classics!