Sunday, December 16

Blog All About It: ALADDIN the Hit Broadway Musical

This month the prompt is "Shine/Sparkle".

Oooooh December. I am still surprised that it has come sooooo quickly. Where did 2018 go????? I feel the older I get the quicker the years fly by. 

Well - this prompt was hard. I was sooo unsure on what to do. However, when BF surprised me with tickets to see the play ALADDIN at the Detroit Opera House for our 6th anniversary, I knew what to post. This was my first time seeing a Broadway Musical and going to the Opera House. 

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The Detroit Opera House is a place made from my dreams. It is so elegant, so vintage, so antique, and oooo so beautiful. I felt like royalty walking down the staircase. I felt like I was sparkling and shining. 

I'm so glad that they strictly prohibited phones and videos during the show. I did not want to be distracted by jerks taking pictures. Thank you Google for some of the pictures ;)

The play was so good and it really made the night beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes away from the stage. I wanted more and I want to watch the play again. The cast was perfect. 

The best scene was the Cave of Wonders. It blew my mind! It was funny. It was sparkling. It was magical. I feel like they spent the majority of the budget on this one scene. TOTALLY worth it. 

Related image

Yes, they were missing the monkey, bird, and tiger, but it was still fun and magical. I highly recommend you watch this play. It was amazing. 

Image may contain: Carole Rae and Jip Higashi


Blodeuedd said...

Job well done JP!

And it sounds like it was an amazing time

Melliane said...

Oh I want to see it now!

Carole Rae said...

B, yess he did well. :D

Melliane, you must!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Well that's definitely some shiny sparkles! How fun! Happy anniversary!

Carole Rae said...

Thank you Anna!