Wednesday, December 19

Wednesday Writing Prompt #11

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is a Wednesday prompt that showcases my responses to the writing prompts in this 300 Writing Prompt book. Just something fun to do! Feel free to join in. I may not share every week, but it is fun to share when I do.

What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you?

Hanging out at my friend's new place. She has such neat kitchen items and she is so neat. BF and I bought some new things and reorganized our house. 

Her place really inspired me. 

Complete this thought: "I wish an alarm would notify me whenever...."

I wish an alarm would notify me whenever I was going to say or something I'd really regret later. 

What are you recovering from right now?

My lower back pain. Sunday (a couple weeks ago now since I wrote this a while back) we had warm weather, so BF and I went and did some outside chores. 

One was Ralph's Poop Arena (his outside pen). I was hunched over for 20 mins picking up his poop and leaves. Joy. 


Write about something you would still buy if it cost twice as much as it costs today.

Oh dear. I don't rightly know. Maybe Ralph? If the shelter we got him from was pricer, I would've still adopted that handsome boy. 

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